A host of new applications opens the door to new business success

TheMagicTouch reports that it will continue in 2019 “to offer affordable and innovative transfer solutions that open an increasing range of marketing opportunities”. 

It continues: “Having pioneered the ultimate in full-colour decoration of dark garments and textiles with the original, award- winning, ‘no cutting, no weeding’ WoW transfer process, the company has again developed a host of great new applications using the same toner-based digital printer technology.”

The company focuses on and highlights the advantages of creating new business and the decoration of higher value garments such as softshell jackets, gilets and the growing range of new, upmarket workwear products using transfers, which it says offers better margins and higher customer satisfaction when sold professionally.

The market for the basic decorated T-shirt continues to be very competitive across all the established disciplines such as screen printing, DTG and embroidery, reports TheMagicTouch. “Therefore, introducing and increasing the non- textile product offering to customers is imperative for companies to embrace both in the short- and long-term,” it explains. “The growing market for non-textile promotional items alongside the existing garment range offers a massive combined opportunity for decorators with products that complement the demands of the customer and add value to the sale.”

This is all made possible with the latest in entry-level CMYK and white toner printer technology combined with new personalised applications and new transfer papers, explains the company. Applications include a full- colour range of enamel mugs, slate products, coloured ceramic mugs, water bottles, PU products and a host of cork applications, all of which are perfect for the B2B market.

It is imperative for decorators to embrace non-textile products, says the company

The A4 TMT/OkiPro7411WT Colour-Plus White LED printer

TheMagicTouch offers affordable and innovative transfer solutions

This year, the company has increased to 36 colours its 123Flex and 123Premium range of garment flex, together with additional colours for the ever-more popular ‘Pearl Glitter‘ product, which now has 23 different options. 

“Those involved in garment decoration must consider TheMagicTouch as a ‘sales tool’, enabling personalised samples from a comprehensive product range to be targeted to existing and potential clients,” it says. “With more garment decorators today not investing in dedicated sales and marketing staff, how do they expect to generate new business? Admittedly, lots of new business is generated by repeat orders and recommendations, but nothing beats the effectiveness of a printed personalised sample.”

TheMagicTouch recommends decorators exploit their ability to affordably produce a personalised sample for customer evaluation, saying it will give them “a massive marketing advantage”, especially when the sample is free and unexpected. “It’s far easier to get an order when the customer understands they can have what they want, when they want it,” adds TheMagicTouch. “The industry needs to simplify the selling and marketing part of the business, thus helping to create new business as opposed to the spiral trend of selling on price.”

Combine all this with the latest in sublimation, DTG and a few new surprises, and the company reports that it is “perfectly positioned to offer the best supported solutions for all for many years to come”.