The new Mimaki TS55-1800 dye sublimation printer is available from early 2019

“With availability from early 2019, Mimaki’s hotly anticipated TS55-1800 dye sublimation transfer printer is set to revolutionise the textile printing industry,” reports Hybrid Services, UK and Ireland distributor for Mimaki. “Encompassing a newly developed print head capable of achieving vibrant colours even at the highest speeds, alongside Mimaki’s digital textile printing heritage, the TS55 incorporates multiple features that can be configured to suit workload and demand.”

With a maximum print width of 1.9m, print speeds of up to 140sq m2/h and newly developed Sb610 inks, the TS55 is said by Hybrid to be a state-of-the-art production sublimation machine that draws on Mimaki’s decades of textile printing heritage. “The new TS55-1800 is another outstanding textile printer from Mimaki,” comments Hybrid’s chief operations manager, Brett Newman. “It presents substantial opportunities to UK and Irish textile companies for increasing productivity whilst reducing unit costs.”

Supplied as standard with cost-effective two-litre ink sacks, it’s possible to either specify from the outset or upgrade at any point to the Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS) that holds 10kg supplies of inks which lower unit costs even further and assist workflow by reducing operator intervention. Similar attention has been paid to the material handling aspect – with the option to utilise huge 2.5km long rolls of transfer paper using Mimaki’s Mini Jumbo Roll system or, alternatively, businesses can still start with the standard roll media option.

The TS55-1800 is an “affordable sublimation printer that meets the high quality and fast turnaround times”

“This all adds up to enabling textile professionals to effortlessly scale their operation with the TS55- 1800,“ explains Hybrid. The distributor reports that the TS55 will grow alongside companies for the creation of fashion, apparel, sportswear, furnishings and PoS, and is “an affordable sublimation printer that meets the high quality and fast turnaround times” demanded in the dynamic textile and apparel industry.

“The TS55 will be available through our network of specialist textile partners,” confirms Brett. “It is now available to demo and the response from companies who have seen it operating has been very positive. We anticipate strong demand from the sportswear, fashion and display graphics markets thanks to its high print quality and volume throughput.”

Vibrant colours from the new Sb610 inks make the TS55 ideal for the bright hues required for sportswear and, thanks to Mimaki’s new print head, its ability to maintain the necessary density at high speeds is reported to be a strong feature. “Mimaki has looked at all the factors that make for a viable production printer and the TS55 is set to deliver at every level,” states Brett.

In addition to satisfying core markets, including the apparel industry, increased demand from the retail and exhibition sectors for printed textile graphics, lightboxes and other display elements is ensuring that dye sublimation printing continues to expand. Offering a great alternative to traditionally printed graphics, fabric travels easily and is simple to install. Equally, growth in personalised and bespoke apparel is driving the sublimation printing market with customers seeking unique designs and a custom approach to fashion.

“Printers like Mimaki’s new TS55-1800 empower designers, fashion houses and clothing producers to deliver short runs of print faster, at a lower cost and with a simpler workflow than ever before,” Brett concludes.