Dae Ha UK keeps on rolling with new films and heat presses

Having introduced in excess of 30 new colours and patterns to its burgeoning line-up of films during 2018, Dae Ha’s growth shows no signs of abating,” confirms Dae Ha UK. “At the global forefront for research and development, the company will be adding at least eight new, exciting, technologically advanced films in 2019.”

Hot Peel PU Max

“By investing in adhesive technology, Dae Ha has created a much sought-after everyday printing film that saves you up to 50% of your weeding time for large transfers, while also keeping the ability to cut and weed fine detail,” explains Dae Ha UK. By late January, Dae Ha will have migrated its complete 41-colour Premium PU range to its faster weeding PU Max platform with Hot Peel available across all colours by spring 19. The Stretch PU Max sports version will follow. 

Glitter Lux

Lux: noun – the measurement of brightness. The next generation of glitter films is here, promises Dae Ha UK. “With an unrivalled brightness coming from within the structure of the film, Glitter Lux is also unusually smooth, making for a truly unique glitter film not seen before. Retaining the deep sparkle and rich colours of all Dae Ha Glitter films, its smooth nature
and brightness takes Glitter Lux to a higher plain,” says the company.

Stretch Glitter

After two years‘ development, Dae Ha has created what it says is a world first: Stretch Glitter. It promises the same deep sparkling effect as the Premium Glitter film along with “awesome stretch and rebound properties which the dance and sporting world has been craving”. 

Silicone Ultra – “the ultimate in heat transfer film”

Brushed PU film has the look of brushed aluminium

Glitter Lux promises “an unrivalled brightness”

Ventilated Glitter

This new perforated glitter with 3mm holes feels lighter and adds breathability to larger designs, making it ideal for dance and sporting applications. “Produced from our Premium Glitter, the textured surface gives your designs a deep colour and rich sparkle that will leave your competitors standing,” adds Dae Ha UK.

Design Film

Produced by combining circles and squares from the brand‘s Holographic and Metallic films into one striking heat transfer film, Design Film takes on a rhinestone/sequin effect when viewed from different angles. Dae Ha Design Film is unique, says the brand, in that it can also be sublimated.

Silicone Ultra

Silicone Ultra – which Dae Ha UK calls “the ultimate in heat transferfilm” – is now available in two versions: 200 and 500 micron. Silicone Ultra is colour rich and promises great stretch and rebound properties. Combined with its natural dye sub block-out properties, “it is a great garment film for sportswear and fashion decorators”.

Brushed PU

“With a stunning look of brushed aluminium across five colours, Brushed PU is a smooth 400 micron PU film, providing a luxurious high-build finish to your designs,” explains Dae Ha UK. “It’s a film that will set your garments apart, giving them a high value appeal.”

“With a range of colours and films that will top 250 combinations during 2019, Dae Ha UK is the ‘new face of colour’ for garment decorators of all sizes, and in a unique position to offer an unrivalled quality-to-price ratio for each and every one of them,“ adds the company.

Hand-built premium quality heat presses

Dae Ha‘s number one priority of manufacturing films to the highest quality is matched by the philosophy behind Dae Ha UK‘s exclusive partnership with Lotus Heat Transfer Presses across the UK and Ireland. 

“Maintaining an unusual stance for heat press manufacturers, Lotus continues to hand-build every press in Milan, Italy, as it has done since the early 1970s,” reports Dae Ha UK. “Lotus produces over 70 heat press variations from small to 2XL format for full textile sublimation printing, and specialises in bespoke heat presses for all manner of applications, including cricket helmets, with all presses coming with industry-leading two-year warranties covering all parts.”

Further accessories supplied by Dae Ha UK include time-saving transfer weeding machines from Vikiallo and roll media storage solutions from Stock & Roll.