Supacolour has published its latest machine wash test results, as well as product safety compliance reports.

At the US laboratory, Intertek Testing Services, the company’s transfers went through a “rigorous review” of their durability through machine washing.

“The results were stellar — no damage, such as cracking or colour fading, was seen on our prints until the 70th wash cycle, at which point only minimal cracking began to appear,” explained Supacolour.

The wash test was carried out on three samples of a black 100% cotton T-shirt with a wearable transfer — the garments were machine washed on an 80°F cycle, and then line dried.

In addition, Supacolour’s products recently underwent child safety testing in regard to product safety testing.

“Our goal was to confirm that our products meet a range of safety specifications, particularly for children’s products regarding the toxicity of materials,” added Supacolour.

“We’re proud to announce that our water-based, phthalate-free, lead-free inks and adhesives passed these tests with flying colours.”

The company’s full wash test results, plus its product safety compliance reports, can be viewed at