Supacolour UK has reduced its minimum order quantity after the Supacolor group opened a fourth international facility for its heat transfer products.

The company has responded to “surging” demand by expanding through setting up a second US factory in addition to its three existing ones in the US, New Zealand and Corby in Northamptonshire.

Because of Supacolor’s increased production and fulfilment pipeline, it will be able to offer more services and new products. This includes the reduction in minimum order quantity from 20 to 10 internationally, including the UK where it is distributed via PenCarrie.

Supacolor has also brought back its Supafast service which means it will manufacture and ship its proprietary heat transfer products straightaway.

Mike Modgill, managing director of California-based Supacolor, said: “We’ve been experiencing exponential growth, and in order to provide our partners and clients with the best possible experience, a move like this was required of us.

“We pride ourselves on being a Supafast and Supaeasy business solution for our partners, and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to get even better at what we do. This new factory isn’t about our growth: it’s about the growth of our customers.”

Founded in 2016, Supacolor specialises in heat transfer products for the garment decoration industry. It launched in the UK as Supacolour with the opening of a base in Corby in 2019.