These fantastic ‘Sunshine After The Rain’ T-shirts were printed by Get A Grip Studio in Birmingham for a charity fundraising campaign for Women’s Aid

‘Sunshine After The Rain’ was a collaboration between ourselves and the extremely talented artist Andy Hulland, aka Mr The Beef, explained Sam Foggan, director of Get A Grip Studio. 

“Our studio reached out to many fellow creatives during lockdown, searching for any companies, designers or artists to collaborate with us on a charity run campaign. 

“Mr The Beef was eager to get involved, and created a design for us that we printed onto both T-shirts and tote bags.”

Using a direct-to-garment printer from Kornit Digital, Get A Grip Studio printed the ‘Sunshine After The Rain’ design onto Stanley/Stella’s Creator T-Shirt (STTU755) and the Salvage Recycled Shopper Tote Bag (SA60) from Continental Clothing.

The company also included its own customisable swing tags on the garments. 

“Our vision was to raise awareness for the demand to meet the needs for vulnerable women and children,” added Sam.

By the end of the campaign, Get A Grip Studio raised £154 for Women’s Aid, decorating 17 T-shirts and 10 tote bags.

“The response was brilliant! We were so excited when we finally started the campaign at the start of August it ran for only three weeks, but we were really appreciative of the support we received.”

Get A Grip Studio decorated Continental Clothing’s Salvage Recycled Shopper Tote Bag