Summa has launched the L1810, the first laser cutter introduced by the company since it acquired CadCam Technology (CCT) in October 2018.

The L1810, a 1.8m wide flatbed laser cutter, is part of the Summa L Series and has been built to cut textiles for sportswear. It incorporates the Vision system, which scans the material and automatically creates vectors for cutting, without the need for a cutting file, and fumes are removed by an internal extraction system.

Summa has also released GoProduce software to support its F Series flatbed finishing system. Developed in-house at Summa, the plug-and-play software’s features include “flexible and tailored import of files to ensure a smooth print and cut workflow integration; an extensive material database which is able to automatically select the ideal tool and its settings based on the material; and integrated tutorials for direct support”.