BagBase demonstrates how to produce full-colour personalised event souvenirs in less than two minutes using its new Sublimation Stuff Bags


Personalisation is huge, and people are fascinated to see how their personalised products are produced. Bring the two together and you have a sure-fire winner for any garment and brandable products decorator.

Beechfield Brands proved the point at the Printwear & Promotion show with its fun-filled interactive demonstrations of sublimation printing onto the new BagBase Sublimation Stuff Bags. Visitors flocked to the stand to claim their own personalised show souvenirs, which were produced in under two minutes.

The equipment is affordable and portable, and the four-step process is both straightforward and would work at any event – from trade shows and festivals, to school fetes and product launches.

We asked Beechfield Brands to document what’s involved and to demonstrate just how easy it is…

To get started, mount a digital camera on a tripod in front of a plain background and provide a ‘dressing up box’ of wigs, sunglasses and other comedy props nearby: customers can dress-up while they wait for their turn. Take some test shots to check accurate exposure and framing.

Next, set up a separate workstation. Position a computer, sublimation printer and heat press on the tabletop. Store your sublimation transfer paper and bags, T-shirts or other brandable products under the table so they are easily to hand.

Set up a template for your artwork in your favourite image editing or page layout program. Create an appropriate background and consider using a frame to give the photo maximum standout – ornate picture frames, distressed edges and Polaroid-style photos work well. You could also add a text box so you can enter a person’s name or personalised message to the final design.

You’re ready to roll.

1. Shoot

Do your best David Bailey impression and rattle off a series of shots of the visitor/customer in different poses.

2. Process

Transfer the images to your computer and select the best shot. Import it into the artwork template you set up beforehand and add any personalised text if you choose to offer that option. (It might be helpful to ask customers for their name or choice of wording while they are waiting to have their photo taken so there is no delay at the processing stage.)

3. Print

Hit ‘Print’ and output the design on your preferred sublimation printer and sublimation transfer paper.

4. Press

Place your product and the printed sublimation paper onto your heat press and press at the recommended pressure and temperature for the recommended time.

You’re all done!

The finished result:

A full-colour personalised souvenir for sale or giveaway, produced on location, in two minutes or less!

The BG915 Sublimation Stuff bag comes in a choice of five sizes (10 x 14.5 cm – 29 x 41.5 cm) and can be sublimated across its entire surface.

For further information on the new BagBase Sublimation range, contact your usual BagBase distributor or visit the brand’s website.