California-based Graphics One is gearing up for the launch of its Go Fuze sublimation cotton tees this autumn, which it says are set to transform the sublimation industry.

The t-shirts incorporate patent-pending technology to enable sublimation, and the process is as simple as with polyester, says the company. By using standard dye sub ink and dye sub paper, users can transfer their designs in the same manner as typical sublimation.

“Our Go Fuze sublimation cotton t-shirts represent a game-changing advancement in the sublimation industry, combining ease of use, design versatility, comfort, and durability,” says Graphics One VP Dan Barefoot. “As the pio­neer of sublimation to cotton, Graphics One continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions for the printing market.”

The  cotton t-shirts are Oeko-tex certified and are expected to launch later this year.