The last-minute panic for presents for Mother’s Day (22 March, in case you needed reminding) and Father’s Day on 21 June can be a boom-time for printers and embroiderers, which is why this snazzy pair of socks has grabbed our attention.

Made by Essex-based Lofty Creations, which is run by Jay Beevor and his wife Roxanne, the 100% polyester socks from Longforte are sublimation printed and the perfect choice for parents.

“We made our own jig to insert into the sock to keep it the right shape so that when we apply the print and press it on there are no creases or folds in the material, which would otherwise result in an item that cannot be sold to the customer,” explains Jay.

“The biggest issue we found with printing all-over sock designs was making sure there was a very minimal join mark as each side has to be printed independently. After some trial and error, we have found a nice little technique that makes a very minimal and passable join and we have had some great feedback so far.”

Lofty Creations used an Epson WF7710 printer, which can handle prints up to A3+ size, and a UKPress swing heat press (38cm x 38cm) from Signzworld. “The paper and inks are from an amazing supplier called Ink Experts which has extensive knowledge within the sublimation industry and produces all its own inks, papers and ICC profiles,” adds Jay.

The 100% polyester socks from Longforte are sublimation printed

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