Nottingham Trent University student Georgia Demetriou has created her own urban fashion label to demonstrate how smart materials can be used in sportswear. Georgia, who is on a BA fashion design course at the uni, has created a navy, thermochromic, long-sleeve jumper which turns white at 31°C to highlight when a person’s body temperature increases, potentially indicating how hard a person has trained.

“By having a colour-changing top, a runner can literally see how hard he or she is working out. It makes for a real motivational thing,” explained Georgia. “The more you work out, the more your body temperature rises and the more the colour of your clothing changes. A lot of brands use smart materials on clothing but not always in a big way. I wanted to explore how they could be used on a bigger scale and to help athletes interact with them.”

Her other designs include a highly reflective utility coat, which is made from breathable, waterproof materials; a laminated lace jacket with reflective bonding; a gilet which is used as an all-in-one rucksack; and a long-sleeve top for running which is made from Coolmax to manage perspiration.

A video promoting Georgia’s collection can be found on YouTube.