All of Stormtech’s new water-repellent products in its spring 2018 collection are free from perfluorinated carbons (PFCs).

“We partnered with fabric mills and garment factories to find alternative, breathable water repellent treatments that are PFC-free without sacrificing performance of our materials,” said Blake Annable, president and CEO of Stormtech. “Together with our suppliers, we have selected the best fluorocarbon-free technologies that have proven reliable on our materials.”

Stormtech reports that recent studies have shown that PFCs, which are used for their water-repellent properties, have the potential to cause environmental and health issues. All of the outerwear fabrics in Stormtech’s autumn collection will be PFC-free, and by 2020, the entire collection will be PFC-free.

The new PFC-free, water-repellent products in the spring 2018 collection include the Ozone Lightweight Shell & Vest, Tradesmith Jacket, Nautilus Insulated Jacket & Vest, Nautilus Quilted Jacket, Octane Lightweight Shell, Neutrino Shell, Warrior Training Jacket & Pant and Torrent Snap Fit Poncho.