The new ZSK Racer 1XL 24 from Stocks

According to Stocks, the new ZSK Racer 1XL 24 is no ordinary single head. “Today, all successful businesses need to be agile, responsive and versatile,” says Stocks. “As an embroiderer if you were to design an embroidery machine that ticks all these boxes then it would be the ZSK Racer 1XL 24.”
The machine is said to deliver precision embroidery at high speeds, with a maximum of 1,000 rpm.

Developed and built in Germany to meet the demands of an industrial environment, it can quickly and easily switch between flat and tubular modes, and has a sewing field of 650 x 700 mm. It also has an impressive 24 needles, and claims to have the thinnest tubular arm in the industry.

“It can handle bulky products like blankets or coats and its substantial sewing area is perfect for the large embroidery designs used for interior textiles and flags,” says Stocks. In tubular mode an additional 92mm useable depth is available, which is ideal for embroidering trousers or sleeves that require a larger area. It can also be used for embroidery on caps and pockets.

“When 15 needles is just not enough, and only 24 needles will do, then this is the perfect machine,” says Stocks. “The ZSK Racer 1XL 24 offers a range of attachments for sequins, boring and cording. Add to this the ability to exploit the design potential that hot air cutting offers and you have a truly versatile machine indeed.”


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