Sustainable clothing brand Stanley/Stella has unveiled a new logo as part of a drive to continue growing the business in the UK and internationally.

The logo, which is about to be rolled out, has been developed to better reflect the company’s identity, expressing the business-to-business offering more in line with a fashion brand.

Stanley/Stella said that it hoped the new logo would “further engage its network of partners in corporate social responsibility based on innovation, excellence and shared commitment”.

Stanley and Stella old and new logos

Pictured: Stanley/Stella’s old logo (top) and new logo (bottom)

The new logo was announced as part of a 10th-anniversay event in Brussels in Belgium where Stanley/Stella is based. The company also provided updates on other initiatives including plans to expand in the US.

It follows the opening earlier this year of an “automated and robotised” distribution centre in Abingdon in Oxfordshire. This is intended to “bring the company closer to customers and enable it to provide a better service with a focus on e-commerce, all while reducing CO2 emissions”.

Stanley/Stella has introduced a “charter for sustainable growth”, building on its commitment to sustainability since it was founded by its CEO, Jean Chabert, in 2012.

The new charter covers the responsibilities of everyone involved in the value chain, from the cotton farmers to the retailers, with the goal of further reducing its carbon footprint, promoting circularity and protecting the environment.

Stanley/Stella uses only organic cotton and is constantly trying new products and new dyeing and embroidery techniques to improve quality and the customer experience while caring for the environment and its community.

The company re-affirmed its commitment to better working conditions in Bangladesh where it works with partners to manufacture its garments.

It is a member of the Fairwear Foundation which promotes better working conditions and aims to improve the purchasing power of local people. More than 30 Stanley/Stella employees in Bangladesh monitor compliance with the commitment and values defended by the company.

Many of the company’s European employees visit Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka at least once to better understand and act on the broader framework.

Stanley and Stella 10th birthday

Pictured: Stanley/Stella’s 10th-anniversary event in Brussels

At Thursday’s event in Brussels, Jean set out Stanley/Stella’s plans for growth internationally and its ambitions to conquer the US market.

“Over the past 10 years, our company has set record growth every year. We currently operate in 34 countries but we see many opportunities in the US to convince American companies of our vision for sustainable fashion and printing.

“We are aware that this will be a long and demanding journey but we are up to the challenge and ready to act. That is why we have started recruiting a team to build our business in the US.”

Stanley/Stella produces and distributes sustainable and ethically produced clothing, including T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, which are supplied to garment decorators for branding and personalisation.

Since 2012, it has seen “exponential” growth, and in 2022, turnover is set to reach €175 million (£157 million). It has over 140 employees at its headquarters in Brussels, 230 distributors and seven factories.