Stanley/Stella has launched its new collection for spring and summer 2023, featuring faded earth tones and “positive” earth colours.

With a theme of “urban landscapes revitalised by nature”, the garment brand has added new ranges, colours and styles that “breathe new life into classic cuts while utilising environmentally-friendly techniques”.

Highlights include the Sunset Edition range which introduces new “versatile classics”, such as the Archer hoodie and Matcher crew-neck lightweight 300gsm medium-fit sweatshirts, with “bright, breezy” colours such as Go Green along with black, French navy, shades of white and heather grey.

Featuring improved premium finishing, the Sunset Edition items are meant for layering and wearing all day long, such as the mid-season shirts and shorts.

Stanley/Stella’s Vintage Vibes range, which combines a worn-out look with durability, has added Archer Vintage and Matcher Vintage sweatshirts.

Vintage Vibes also has five garment-dyed colours including G Dyed Black Rock, G Dyed Hydro (cyan) and G Dyed Swimmer Blue – all formulated with consistent dyeing and optimal printing in mind.

New colours have been introduced for the Stella Dancer tank top and Stella Rounder Slub T-shirt including bright blue, French navy, butter and lavender.

The new collection maintains Stanley/Stella’s commitments to sustainable production and materials, underpinned by 10 core principles across environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Pictured top (left to right): Matcher Vintage in G Dyed Hydro and G Dyed Khaki, Matcher Vintage in G Dyed Gold Ochre, Matcher Vintage in G Dyed Black Rock and Archer Vintage in G Dyed Swimmer Blue