The team behind print shop Squeegee & Ink have launched their own T-shirt brand featuring designs by tattoo artists.

Chessie and Emily Rosier-Parker are running Blind Maggot alongside their garment decorating business which was originally set up in Newbury in Berkshire eight years ago.

Through a dedicated Shopify website, they are selling a collection of unique T-shirts, printing on Stanley/Stella blanks with designs commissioned from their favourite tattoo artists.

Chessie said: “We have always wanted to do our own work. Customer orders are great but they also take up a lot of time doing quoting and mock-ups and figuring out what’s in their heads whereas if we are going to do our own brand, we can see higher profit margins printing our own stuff.

“It’s really really fun which is a big part of it as well. We commission tattoo artists to do the design work, steering them in the direction we want.”

Blind Maggot is being marketed off the back of Squeegee & Ink, using social media and podcasts. “We will build the audience through our blog, the Blind Maggot podcast and our Squeegee & Ink videos alongside attending events where we will sell out of an all-black gazebo,” Chessie added.

“Blind Maggot is our passion project where we get to use premium garments and commission our favourite artists to make limited-edition collections.”

The disruption from Covid-19 restrictions provided Chessie and Emily with time to rethink their business. “Covid gave us time to step back and prioritise what we really enjoyed. It’s been actually super-positive for us having that rest, building and focusing on what we enjoy.”

Read more about Squeegee & Ink’s experiences over the past 16 months in ”Covid Diaries” in the July 2021 issue of Images magazine.

Blind Maggot T-shirt

Blind Maggot T-shirt made of 100% organic cotton and screen printed by hand with vegan ink