The choice for this month’s column is one of a range of T-shirts from Japanese artist and designer Fukusawa Takayuki, director of Ekod Works. Each T-shirt from Ekod Works has been cleverly designed to create different, mind-bending illusions, whether that is creating the impression of muscles on the wearer or appearing to have revealing rips in the material.

The design here, called Splash, creates the illusion of a wet T-shirt. Fukusawa explains that ‘project mapping’, where a 2D design of a building or object is turned into a 3D representation using computer or video technology, has been popular in Japan since 2011.

In order to apply this approach to T-shirts, Fukusawa said: “I changed my mindset. Even if you don’t use advanced technology, you should be able to express interesting things with old technology.” Fukusawa calls using inkjet technology in this way ‘mousou’ (illusion) mapping.