Our eyeballs were well and truly grabbed by this Spiral Stitch embroidery in cashmere wool, which was designed by Pete Tarrant from Digitek

Pete created the design in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4, using the Spiral Stitch feature – new addition following the software’s recent e4.1 update. The embroidery was stitched on a ZSK Sprint 6 embroidery machine with a cording attachment.

“It [the software] allows you to create some mad shapes with a single running stitch,” he explains. “How we got this effect was to take the stitch spacing out to make it able to run on the cording device. [We used] a fluffy, cashmere wool that was 1mm thick, which to be honest was a challenge in itself as it was very difficult to thread, but worth it. Using a 1.10mm running stitch on the wool seems to work really well.”



The orange stitches are running stitches that pin the fluffywool to the fabric; black thread was used in the final design to ensure the running stitches couldn’t be seen

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