French manufacturer Sol’s has introduced nine new products this September. The garments, which are mainly included in the brand’s Outdoors collection, include Wilson Men (02898) and Wilson Women (02899) – trendy padded jackets made using down/feather padding to keep the jacket light and the wearer warm. Intended for the retail market, these styles are also available in a bodywarmer version for men and women.

The mid-season Roscoe (02885) jacket is a fashionable, unisex, no-label style made in pongee 300T that is ideal for the retail market, while the Race BW Men (02887) and Race BW Women (02888) are entry-level, softshell bodywarmers.

To complete its warm parka line, Sol’s has introduced the Reggie (02886), a two-material jacket for men that incorporates wool exterior details and heavy padding.

On the accessories side, Sol’s has the Bingo (02914), a set of 10 zip pullers that enable clients to customise jackets and bags with the colour of their choice.