Cottonridge/InSync Software


The Launchpad3 (LP3) website and order processing system from InSync Software is designed to help printers and embroiderers to win more orders and to efficiently process those orders while saving many man-hours typing up invoices and delivery notes.

It is composed of two parts: a front website, and an order processing system. The website is free to all Cottonridge customers and gives business owners the option of having a full e-commerce site for online orders, or an information-only site where customers place their orders through more traditional methods, such as phone, email and so on. Information can still be processed via LP3 when the orders come in by phone, email or in person, and LP3 creates a delivery note and invoice at the point of dispatch.

Customers can browse thousands of products because LP3 comes loaded with over 3000 products from the industry’s main brands, and more can be added by the printing or embroidery company from any other suppliers as needed, (so you’re not tied to a particular supplier).
Once customers have chosen a product they can then upload a logo and pay online, and even see a proof.

LP3 allows shops to offer quick quotes, has an option to add products from any supplier as well as hide or show prices on websites. Shops can also add or remove categories and can also change the look of the site by choosing different themes.



FastManager allows embroiderers, screen printers and D2G printers to run their shops professionally and efficiently by giving them the resources to create invoices, process payments, schedule products and simplify the quote process.

FastManager began in the early 1990s when Chris Waldick, now CEO of FastManager, set up a screen printing company. He quickly realised he needed a computer program to manage his business and, as a self-taught programmer, created FastManager. By 2002, Chris began marketing the program and now in 2015 there are 684 FM4 customers, around 1200 FM3 customers and FM5 is nearly completed.

Due to be released mid-June, the new FM5 will be web-based and will include a host of features, including (but not limited to) split invoicing, line item discounting, payables module, apparel items view with logos, and CRM functionality. Web integration for those who have an online store can also be added on, and training and support is offered to all users.

The program, which can be accessed by users on PCs, Macs, mobile devices and tablets, is available in four levels: Basic, Lite, Pro and Premier. The Basic level is aimed at small shops starting out; Lite includes integrated UPS shipping; Pro includes an inventory and stock level module; and Premier is aimed at larger shops and includes auto-scheduling of equipment and departments.

Also in the pipeline is FastAgents (due July 2015) for managing outside sales staff, and FastProofs (due August 2015), a standalone application for proofing that can be integrated into FM5. A sign and trophy module as well as a point of sale system are next on the development list.

The sales value of brand image libraries

For embroiderers and printers, being able to show customers high quality images of products is a great sales tool. The Henbury Cloud makes life easy for Henbury’s customers: it hosts high resolution images from the latest collections of Henbury’s portfolio of brands, allowing users to select and download those that they want to use – whether for catalogues, websites or social media.

As well as product and lifestyle shots, logos from Henbury’s 10 brands (Henbury, Finden+Hales, Front Row & Co, Tombo, SF, Larkwood, Towel City, Mumbles, Splashmacs and Okarma) are also available on the Henbury Cloud.