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A social calendar is a great way for your business to improve its online marketing efficiency and work weeks, or months, in advance. With businesses using so many social media platforms, it can be a daunting task to stay on top of it and plan accordingly. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming; using a social media calendar allows you to plan and schedule campaigns for maximum impact, and it will also help to identify any gaps that may need plugging.

Managing your social media schedule also allows you to tailor your campaigns to certain times of year, focus on specific events and seasonality, and maximise your inbound efforts. To help plan your calendar, there are hundreds of templates available online, but this can be done simply on Excel or Google Drive. It is not just planning your content that’s simple – scheduling it is also easy with social media management tools like Buer, Hootsuite and Crowdfire.

Here are a few simple reasons why you might want to consider using a social media calendar:

Improve your online efficiency Sit back and relax knowing that you have heaps of content planned on your accounts. This will also free up time to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Plan for multiple platforms in one place A calendar allows you to plan for individual platforms instead of using the same post on every social media account. This makes it easier to craft different messages for different platforms to improve the levels of engagement. The most obvious one is LinkedIn, where you should ensure that you post more curated thought leadership content.

Track, plan, monitor and manage your strategy Calendars allow you to track, plan and monitor what is and what isn’t working, so you can tweak your content accordingly as you are going along.

Reach more people Using a calendar helps you reach a wider audience and plan content around events and holidays. Using these in the posts will help you reach a wider audience than a standard post.

It’s great for businesses to be efficient and ensure they are on top of their social media strategy, but there is still room for spontaneity. Maintain a balance between planning and spontaneity, so that you can cover anything that pops up that may be relevant to your business. Remember, customers want a business with a personality, not just post after post…

Andrew Langridge is from eTrader, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of websites to garment decorators across the UK.