Harnessing the power of DTG to help transform and grow customers’ businesses

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing has evolved and matured as a print technology over the past few years. “It has become a powerful tool that can be utilised to further your business and help capitalise on lost opportunities,” points out Snuggle, the specialist provider of decoration services for trade customers.

The company says it would love to help others to further their sales by letting the “All-Stars VIP Team” at Snuggle take care of all their DTG printing. “Add on a multi-million-pound DTG printing facility to your business without all the cost, hassle, maintenance, and overheads of doing it yourself!”

Atlas Max The company has been an early adopter of the Atlas Max platform released last year by Kornit, which it says offers the “highest levels of print quality and standards, achieving screen-like white opacity and printing colours in unbelievable vibrance and brightness”.

Snuggle has ordered a third Atlas Max system and is upgrading its remaining three Atlas systems to the Max platform, giving them six in total. “This will enable our customers to get the very best that DTG has to offer with incredible quality, hand-feel, texture, vibrancy, and also removing the smell!”

Thanks to the new Max systems, Snuggle also now offers XDi ‘raised’ prints, giving customers what it describes as “a whole new dimension in print”.

Sustainability matters With sustainable print methods and garments becoming increasingly important to consumers, Snuggle points out that its DTG process “is environmentally friendly, uses non-toxic, non-hazardous inks and has virtually no water waste”.

In addition, as a distributor for Stanley/Stella apparel, Snuggle is able to pair the quality of the fully organic and sustainable made-for-decorating garments with the power of the Max DTG technology to produce “phenomenal results which will keep your customers coming back time and time again”.

The Atlas Max with XDi technology can produce ‘raised’ prints that introduce “a whole new dimension in print”

The Atlas Max with XDi technology can produce ‘raised’ prints that introduce “a whole new dimension in print”

Snuggle’s DTG equipment allows it to print colours with “unbelievable vibrance and brightness”

Snuggle’s DTG equipment allows it to print colours with “unbelievable vibrance and brightness”

Increase your sales DTG is a tool which you can use for your benefit and increase your sales, explains Snuggle, which notes that it currently works with and is trusted by some of the UK’s top high street brands and online superstores, and is approved by Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios.

“No longer do you have to turn away short runs or multi-colour prints which may not be as profitable or easy for you to achieve. Snuggle’s dedicated team will help you to capture those customers and ensure you can fulfil their print requirements.”

Same day service Snuggle has also introduced a same-day DTG print service. “Don’t let all those important customers who need something super-fast walk away, ever again.” The experienced and passionate team at Snuggle is capable of producing 13,000 prints daily, with more DTG systems on their way.

One-stop shop The company also offers other decoration services, including UV printing, sublimated mugs and embroidery, making it a one-stop shop. It uses Melco EMT16X embroidery machines which it says achieve a “superb finish and quality” whether it’s for a small or big run.

“Why worry about the hassle of expanding your premises, looking for staff and purchasing new equipment?” asks Snuggle. “Using our services means there is no need for training, maintenance and repairs, allowing you to keep focusing on what you do best, which is growing your business, while letting Snuggle take care of the rest.

“Work in confidence with the passionate, dedicated teams at Snuggle and know there is never a compromise on service, quality or print. With blistering speeds, incredible quality and super-friendly service, Snuggle truly is taking it to the max!”