Snuggle, which specialises in DTG, UV and sublimation printing, has placed an order with Adelco for two Kornit Avalanche HD6 direct-to-garment printers.

The machines, which are reported by Kornit to reduce ink consumption by up to 30% compared to the R-Series version, will be installed on 20 August and will replace the company’s current Kornit Storm Hexa printers.

Shabbir Maimoon, managing director of Peterborough-based Snuggle, said: “We decided to buy the Avalanche HD6s due to improved feel of the garments, the reduction in ink cost and also the speed of the printers. We’ve been really happy with our Storm Hexas, but needed the additional capacity, which is what this will give us, as well as the improved finish.”

According to Shabbir, it won’t be long until a third HD6 is purchased. “We’re currently looking for a new unit as we expand, because we have now outgrown our current unit. We’re hoping to invest in our third printer as soon as we have secured our new location.”