DTG specialist Snuggle in Peterborough has invested in two Kornit Atlas Max machines to support its continuing plans for growth.

Adding to the company’s existing set-up of Kornit equipment, it is one of the first UK printers to receive the industrial-scale direct-to-garment system that was launched earlier this year.

The Atlas Max features XDi which delivers 3D printing capabilities for high-density graphic decoration that can simulate embroidery, vinyl and heat transfer in a single, waste-free digital process.

Shabbir Maimoon, who founded Snuggle 10 years ago with his cousin Akil Thathia, said: “With the new Atlas Max technology, you see a marked improvement in quality of prints with better opacity of white ink on dark colours than before.

“The XDi technology is pushing into new boundaries of DTG with raised prints and threadless embroidery which enables our customers and brands increased diversity in a crowded market.

“This will enable them to stand out from the competition and win new business which this new technology will enable them to reach.”

Snuggle, which focuses on supplying online retailers on demand as well as other decorators, already has two Kornit Avalanche HD6 printers and three Kornit Atlas machines as part of its extensive set-up. As a major customer, it is now supplied and supported directly by Kornit.