Snuggle caters for businesses of all shapes and sizes

The fulfilment service is offering even more for its customers in 2023 thanks to increased investment and an expanding range of decoration services

“If you’ve never used our print fulfilment service, you have to ask yourself why!” exclaims Snuggle. The company, which caters for businesses of all shapes and sizes, has an ever-growing range of print services that are continually adapted to ensure every customer’s need (and those of their customers) is satisfied.

Kornit Atlas Max Snuggle has upgraded its whole DTG (direct-to-garment) fleet to the Kornit Atlas Max platform to give its customers “the very best in digital print services”, after receiving “phenomenal” feedback from its customers about the quality of the prints.

The most important reason for this upgrade, reports Snuggle, was how delighted customers were when receiving their printed garments. “Never have digital prints looked as good as this, with many customers commenting that they are unable to believe the prints had been printed via DTG.” Another plus is that the prints from the Atlas Max are now odourless as the smell of fixation has been removed, reports the company.

In addition to this is Snuggle’s talented, dedicated and passionate teams who look after every order as if it were their own. They ensure each print is handled, printed, checked and packed with care and attention.

“With the introduction of industry-first, same-day DTG, orders placed before 11am are shipped out – and at times even delivered – on the same day!” says Snuggle. “Blistering lightning-fast speeds are achievable due to the huge 12,000 print daily capacity, with the plant running day and night to service and meet those all-important deadlines.”

Customers can experiment with ‘threadless’<br />
embroidery and other innovative techniques

Customers can experiment with ‘threadless’ embroidery and other innovative techniques

Snuggle upgraded its whole DTG fleet to the Kornit Atlas Max

Snuggle upgraded its whole DTG fleet to the Kornit Atlas Max

The latest technologies It’s never been more important to continually diversify and ensure you are able to offer your customers everything possible – using Snuggle’s fulfilment services means you can offer an array of decorating methods. “’Threadless’ embroidery and XDi prints has meant a whole new level of options for brands, customers and designers, enabling them to experiment and create unique garments to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market,” it says.

“We already print for companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers and are FAMA-approved; therefore, we understand the complexities and needs of printing with brands, corporations and rights holders across the world.”

An additional investment for Snuggle this year sees the company able to offer unlimited colour embroidery. “No longer are you restricted by the number of threads available on a machine, instead intricate, multi-colour designs can be replicated and embroidered with ease, and gradients and photo replication are no longer a challenge.”

UV and sublimation printing Snuggle’s UV and sublimation departments have all seen “incredible growth” in 2022, allowing the company to become a one-stop shop for all your decorating needs. “We apply the same knowledge, skills and dedicated teams to these areas of the business, so you can rest assured knowing you’re always in safe hands.”

The key to Snuggle’s success is your success, it explains. The company can cater to your needs and work with you whether you’re new to the industry and looking for a print-on-demand service or a more established decorator who doesn’t currently offer all of the services Snuggle does – and of course it’s all white label.

“Your customer will always be left amazed at your speed, quality and service. Snuggle understands that your customer satisfaction is imperative, they know what it’s like to be let down and will ensure you won’t be. We have earned a marked reputation for our quality, service and reliability.”

It adds: “No matter what you do today, don’t forget to Snuggle!”