Snickers Workwear has announced the introduction of what it calls “the world’s first built-in, certified kneepads” in a pair of its stretch work trousers.

The AllroundWork, Stretch Trousers with Capsulized Kneepads and Holster Pockets promises low-profile, comfortable impact protection.

“They’re an innovative combination of cutting-edge sportswear technology coupled with Snickers Workwear’s world-renowned comfort, functionality and sustainable fabric design technology,” stated the workwear manufacturer.

The slim-fit trousers include a two-way stretch fabric for comfort and flexibility, along with four-way stretch panels at key stress points. There are also Cordura-reinforced holster, ruler and cargo pockets.

“Designed and engineered in partnership with YBC, the Capsulized kneepad components comprise six protection layers that work with each other to dissipate the energy created by the impact of working on your knees or through bumps in the workplace,” Snickers explained.

“They deliver effective durability combines with penetration protection, as well as additional impact absorption, pressure release and enhanced comfort. And, as is typical of all Snickers Workwear clothing, these stretch Work Trousers with the lightweight Capsulized kneepads will provide in-place ergonomic protection all day, every day.”