The prototype Snickers Tracker-1 chip

Snickers is taking a step into wearable technology with Tracker-1, a prototype chip the brand has fitted to its WorkTrousers to enable the wearer to monitor workplace noise levels, heat conditions and knee impact.

Tracker-1 has multiple functions, including triggering an alarm when it’s time to change kneepads. It contains a meter that measures noise levels, number of knee impacts per day and temperature; the information is then read by a mobile app connected to the garment, allowing the worker to monitor their conditions and help avoid workplace injuries.

David Clark, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK, said: “Our experience is that craftsmen usually are so focused on getting the job done that personal protection tends to be overlooked. We are well known for our KneeGuard System, 37.5 Fabric Technology and technical functionality, but the integration of ‘smart’ wearable technology into our clothing shows the extent to which we are looking at working clothes and wellbeing on site in a completely new way.”

The launch date has yet to be announced.