SkiinCore, a self-heating and wire-free wearable base layer for cold weather developed by Canadian company Skiin, launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in November.

SkiinCore is knitted from a conductive yarn that is said to hold 18 watts of heating power and last for up to eight hours. The ultra-thin wearable is designed to deliver heat to where wearers need it most and is programmed with machine-learning to adapt to the wearer’s optimal body heat based on their movement and the outside temperature.

“We wanted to take the wires out of wearable technology and, living in Canada, we know what it’s like to deal with harsh cold weather,” said SkiinCore’s product manager Hin Fan. “While developing a textile computing platform, the team discovered a way to transfer heat through the fibres of everyday fabrics. The result is SkiinCore, a wire-free heated base layer that learns your optimal temperature the more you wear it.”

The SkiinCore Team spent three years developing and designing the product, and the prototype received the ‘Best New Wearable Technology Device’ award from IDTechEx and the ‘Product Innovation Award’ from the Canadian Printable Electronics Symposium.