Dye sublimation offers decorators a proven path to bold, colourful, highly detailed prints on everything from sports and fashion apparel to décor and soft signage, and both promo and retail merchandise. We review the most up-to-date machinery and equipment options from leading suppliers

Hybrid Services: Mimaki TS100-1600

The new Mimaki TS100-1600 dye sublimation printer from Hybrid Services offers businesses an easy and low-cost route into the expanding dye sublimation sector, reports the company.

“With increasing demand and opportunity in this area, thanks in part to a thriving personalisation and home décor market, the new TS100-1600 offers an economical printing solution for fashion, soft signage, home and interiors, sportswear and other sublimated products.

The TS100-1600 is a great option for garment decorators looking to expand into soft signage and more, says Hybrid

“With its 1.6m print width, the TS100-1600 is a great solution for creating not just apparel-related products, but opening up new and connected opportunities,” adds Hybrid. “For example, providing customised flags, bar runners and fabric display graphics for sports teams, for whom printers are already producing their playing kit.”

The TS100-1600 comes with Mimaki’s RasterLink RIP software, which allows users to generate sublimation print-ready files, mirroring, repeating and resizing as required, plus its new Sb610 ink set supplied in one-litre bottles to help keep running costs low.

Hybrid adds: “The Mimaki TS100-1600 is designed to fit seamlessly into the workflow of garment decorators, embroiderers, apparel and sportswear printers — featuring a host of Mimaki’s Core technologies, it’s optimised to deliver high-quality output with the minimum operator intervention.”


Nova Chrome UK: Dye Sublimation Equipment and Consumables

Nova Chrome UK has specialised in dye sublimation for over 30 years, offering a full range of equipment and consumable products to those looking to build a sublimation solution into their business, or otherwise improve on an existing system.

This includes Sawgrass printers and inks, which are available from an A4 size through to 25” in a choice of ink sets, all with “the ongoing support and advice needed to achieve the very best results”, adds the supplier. In addition, a series of heat presses are also available, from desktop through to A1 pneumatic models. 

Nova Chrome UK offers a range of sublimation solutions, as well as printable products

Nova Chrome is also introducing a line of ovens for sublimating, which the company says will provide users with “the ability to produce greater volumes of in-demand items like mugs and other drinkware, and allow the decoration of products such as pet bowls, which traditional mug presses cannot accommodate”.

To partner with all of its sublimation solutions, the supplier also offers a wide range of printable products, with recent additions including baby hats, hexagonal photo panels and photo-crystals.


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