The side-loading STM-D series from SignTronic

“Computer-to-screen (CTS) direct exposing technology will replace films, chemicals, vacuum frames and many manual processes completely,” believes SignTronic. By using CTS, the company says the result is a “perfect screen” that increases screen/print quality, reduces costs, and offers “perfect standardisation”, higher flexibility and less handling.

SignTronic offers a wide portfolio of StencilMaster STM machines for all sizes and screen printing applications: The STM-One and STM-XS are front-loading CTS units: the STM-One offers 1270 dpi resolution, while the STM-XS is designed for multiple small frame handling with 1270, 2400 or 3040 dpi resolutions.

The STM-TEX and STM-D Series CTS units are side-loading, modular in-line concept machines: the STM-TE offers 1270 dpi resolution; the STM-D Series is designed for small, medium and big screens and offers 1270 or 2400 dpi resolution. SignTronic’s STM-XL, another side-loading CTS unit, is designed for XL screen sizes.

SignTronic’s CTS technology is based on DMD (digital micro-mirror device) and includes a UV-light source with high power CPL lamps or UV-LED; DMD technology with XGA4100 or full-HD 1080p; Zeiss optics with resolutions of 1270, 2400 or 3040 dpi.


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