Beechfield is reimagining the concept of promotional headwear with its new Signature cap collection. Images signs up for a closer look at the new options


From left: The Signature 6 Panel Snapback (B866) and the Signature Fitted Flat Peak Cap (B865)

There was a time when the baseball cap represented the ultimate throwaway promotional item. But times are changing and retail influences are now becoming increasingly evident in brandable cap and hat design. Indeed, some promo brands are now surfing the peak of the latest fashion waves, in line with – and sometimes even ahead of – the current trends on the high street.

Beechfield is an obvious example of the growing quality and fashion-consciousness amongst the industry’s textile brands, and its new line of premium headwear is promising to raise promo headwear to a new and previously unimagined level.

The ethos behind the aptly named Signature collection is simple, as Beechfield’s design manager, Roger Scovell, explains: “Signature was developed to offer our rapidly growing retail customer base easily rebrandable styles that are of superior quality and notable for their exceptional craftsmanship.”

Roger adds that Beechfield created the Signature collection in direct response to the unrelenting demand from retailers within the promotional textiles market for a premium, quality brandable cap line. “We’ve taken feedback from the growing number of start-up retail brands, wholesalers, valued customers, and indeed retail analysis and research into trends, to develop a collection that is a world away from the traditional throwaway culture of the promotional market,” Roger comments. “We’ve taken current promotional headwear to the next level in terms of quality, shape and styling.”

Setting Signature apart

So what makes the new caps so special? “Time and care has been taken with the stylistic details and construction of each Signature cap,” says Roger. “They boast superior fabrics, premium interior taping and sweatbands, superior buckrams and durable snapback closures.

“There’s a strong emphasis on shape in response to demands of retailers and consumers. We’re offering both 5- and 6-panel designs and a contemporary high blocked crown construction, creating a more refined profile on four of the five new designs, in keeping with the flat-peak styles seen on today’s celebrities.”

Of the five Signature styles, three use the ever popular snapback styling: the 5 Panel Mesh Snapback (B845), 6 Panel Snapback (B866) and 6 Panel Contrast Snapback (B866c). The other two styles – the Fitted Flat Peak Cap (B865), and Stretch-Fit Baseball Cap (B860) – cater to the emerging trend for closed-back fitted style silhouettes. The latter two styles, along with the B866, are offered in solid colours, while the 6 Panel Contrast Snapack and 5 Panel Mesh Snapback come in a choice of contrast colours. The mesh snapback is especially notable as it offers not only duo-contrast colours, but also tri-colour contrast colourways: white (front panel)/black (crown)/light grey (peak); white/light grey/french navy; and white/french navy/classic red.

Decoration locations

In keeping with its retail positioning, the new collection comes with Signature branded visor stickers, retail swingtags, cap inserts and packaging to highlight its retail credentials, and set it apart from the other established Beechfield headwear ranges. However, this in no way detracts from customers’ ability to rebrand the products. “Signature is designed with the needs of retailers front of mind, and all reference to Beechfield and Signature can be removed, including the TearAway labels. This will allow each cap to become completely unique to an individual decorator, retailer or brand,” Roger Scovell explains.

As with all Beechfield headwear, the Signature styles are also designed from the ground up for ease of decoration. The caps can be printed and embroidered, with the closed-back styles offering multiple potential decoration locations. Roger Scovell predicts that 3D embroidery will be the favoured decoration method due to its high-perceived value, along with laser engraved or etched patches.

“Signature offers something altogether new and is proudly positioned as Beechfield’s superior range,” comments Roger, who foresees the collection enjoying longevity thanks to the choice of classic designs enhanced with contemporary accents. “Signature symbolises performance, heritage and authenticity, and we are confident that each style will deliver a unique headwear experience,” he adds.