The Epson SC-F and SC-S series

The SureColor SC-F6200 from Epson

The SureColor SC-F dye-sublimation series “provides exciting opportunities for businesses wishing to expand their portfolios and also open up the market for new business investments,” says Epson. “Offering reliable performance, the affordable printers enable users to save time and money while producing high quality sportswear, apparel, soft signage, as well as promotional items, accessories and gadgets on a variety of fabrics, garments and rigid substrates.” The SC-F series use UltraChrome DS Ink, which is manufactured by Epson.

The 64” SC-F9200 is ideal for long print runs thanks to its level of speed, quality and accuracy, says Epson, while the 64” SC-F7200 is a good mid-range solution for printing “superior quality textiles and soft signage”. For those looking for an entry-level machine there is the 44” SC-F6200, which is perfect for low to medium volumes.

Epson’s latest range of 64” SureColor SC-S printers has been designed with signage and graphics applications in mind, says the company. The machines feature Epson’s latest generation PrecisionCore TFP printheads and use Epson new formulation UltraChrome GS3 inkset that promises an average 15% reduction in ink consumption thanks to the improved chemistry.

Included in the range is the SureColor SC-S80600, which features 9/10 colours and can also be configured to use white or metallic silver. It delivers print speeds up to 95.1 sqm/hr in single pass banner mode.

The SureColor SC-S60600 is ideal for fast turnaround, high print volume environments, producing high quality vinyl output at 29.4 sqm/hr, banners at 52.3 sqm/hr and can print up to 95.3 sqm/hr for single-pass applications. The affordable, four-colour entry-level SureColor SC-S40600 is great for high-quality POS graphics and signage, and prints up to 58.4 sqm/hr.


Mimaki TX300P and Klieverik calendar


Aaron Burton, digital development director for Sabur, says: “Sales of sublimation machinery has increased dramatically over the past five years; alongside this customers are now going for mid to industrial scale printers rather than entry level printers like five years ago. I believe this is due to customers understanding the advantages of digital sublimation printing and utilising this within their final designs.”

He recommends that those looking to offer soft signage should opt for the Mimaki TX300P and a Klieverik calendar press. He explains: “I would suggest the Mimaki textile printer as they are well regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in the textile printer segment and the TX300P is the latest generation of these. I would suggest complementing the printer with a separate Klieverik calendar press. If you have your printing and fixation separate it allows you to increase your print capacity at a later date without having to pay the added cost of another inline fixation system. You can also utilise the Klieverik calendar press for transfer sublimation expanding your product portfolio. The Mimaki TX300P costs £25,995 and the Klieverik GTC81/1850 costs £26,000 excluding VAT.”

R A Smart

Epson SC-F9200

The Epson SureColor SC-F9200 is available from R A Smart

As Epson specialist textile resellers for the UK, R A Smart says the company was delighted when Epson released its new range of dye sublimation printers including the flagship model, the Epson SC-F9200. “This twin-headed machine offers customers twice the productivity of the predecessor machines, with print speeds of up to 57 sqm/hr in two-pass mode,” explains R A Smart. “It also utilises Epson’s new and improved high definition black ink, improving both the achievable colour gamut and running costs.”

According to R A Smart, this, coupled with Epson’s recent announcement to cut the price of its dye sublimation ink to £50 per litre, makes the F-series “one of the most competitively priced on the market”, adding: “Due to the fact they are the only manufacturer who produces every aspect of their product (chassis, print head and ink) themselves, there is no compromise on quality either. This has resulted in a printer that has been embraced in a diverse range of sectors from sportswear to fashion to signage – offering customers a reliable, productive and economical solution.”

R A Smart offers the full range of Epson’s dye sublimation systems.

Soyang Europe

Vista Display and new black back fabric

Soyang Europe’s product range includes a variety of textiles including backlit, which is ideal for retail lightboxes

Soyang Europe, a sign material distributor and manufacturer, has added two new products to its range of textiles for dye sublimation printing. First up is what Soyang describes as “a highly competitive display fabric” called Vista Display, which the company explains is perfect for producing front-lit graphics, which are becoming more commonplace in retail environments.

Additionally, the company has also introduced a new black back textile under the Eclipse umbrella, which is intended for application where zero show-through is desired.

“Big growth areas for textile graphics are the retail and exhibition sectors. Both are seeing traditional materials (board, PVC or solid structures) replaced by textile and at Soyang Europe, we’re finding this is being stimulated by a demand for eco-friendly materials as well,” says Tim Egerton, sales manager for Soyang Europe. “Much of our textile range is manufactured in Europe to exacting standards and we’re able to demonstrate its provenance to our customers. In turn, they’re able to respond positively to blue chip clients that are leading the way with sustainable graphics solutions.”