Roland DG

The Texart XT-640

The Texart XT-640 from Roland DG

The newest edition to Roland DG’s range of dye-sublimation transfer printers is the Texart XT-640, designed specifically for professional fashion and sports apparel production. Roland DG creates its machines with the end-user in mind and the XT-640 is no exception, says the company, explaining that it offers “a strong yet flexible platform for clients to maximise productivity on a wide range of textile applications including sportswear, fashion, soft signage, interior decoration, and promotional merchandise”.

The XT-640 boasts a number of new features, which Roland DG says are designed to guarantee a consistent quality output and perfect precision with every print run, including flexible colour variations, dual print heads, a reinforced rail and frame structure, and an advanced print control technology. “The adaptable machine delivers fast set-up times and low fixed costs to ensure it is the most efficient and cost-effective digital dye-sublimation transfer printer to date,” reports Roland DG. “The combination of increased speeds and low costs means it is the perfect solution for both shorter print runs including bespoke items or limited editions and mass customisation batches.”


The Mimaki JV150 and JV300

The Mimaki JV300 includes the company’s bulk ink system

“Designed for companies looking at taking their first steps into wide format production dye sublimation, the Mimaki JV150 and JV300 1.6 m printers deliver big productivity gains whilst retaining great ease of use, high quality print and powerful features,” says Mimaki distributor Hybrid.

The two printers come supplied with 16 litres of Mimaki’s latest Sb54 dye sub ink and an “impressive bulk ink system”, integrated RIP software, a powered take-up and a two-year gold warranty. All that’s left to add, says the company, is the customer’s choice of heat press.

Mimaki’s dye sublimation printer line-up, which is supplied through Hybrid’s network of specialist sublimation and textile resellers, goes right up to high volume production models and 3.2 m grand format machines.

“Mimaki’s latest range of dye sublimation printers sport many unique features that have trickled down from the manufacturer’s high end industrial machines, facilitating workflows with automated diagnostics and production tools that sense problems before they impact upon the output. Features such as the NRS (Nozzle Replacement System) advise the operator if any of the thousands of tiny nozzles in the print head are functioning incorrectly and subsequently replaces them with ‘spare’ nozzles to ensure print quality and productivity are maintained,” says Stephen Woodall, national sales manager (textile and apparel) at Hybrid Services. “The JV150 and JV300 dye sub printers enjoy the benefit of trickle-down technology to deliver a low cost/ high performance solution that starts at just £11,995 plus VAT.”


New SubliPrint paper, Primex framing and calendars

A back-lit display from Xpres

Xpres says it has been busy sourcing a range of hardware and consumables that will enable customers to create high quality, sublimated soft signage. “New partnerships with a number of leading brands have quickly made Xpres the go-to supplier for all things soft signage,” says the company.

New Xpres SubliPrint paper is available in a variety of weights and widths, adding more choice to the existing range stocked from Beaver paper. Xpres SubliPrint Thermo, Universal and Light are “fantastic quality” papers that can be used to create eye-catching displays.

Xpres has also announced a partnership with Primex framing. The frames are supplied mitre-cut to specific lengths and in packs of two pieces, and are quick and easy to build. Once assembled, a printed graphic can be applied by pushing the PVC-lined edges into the recess. The framed displays can be front or back lit to produce stunning wall and soft signage display art.

Xpres also offers a number of heat presses and calendars, including new machines from Di Ferro, Royal Sovereign, Adkins and Sefa, alongside a collection of various wide format sublimation printers from leading manufacturers.

“Our sublimation equipment sales are continually growing due to a wider variety of equipment being available from more suppliers,” comments Grant Cooke, product development and campaign specialist, Xpres. “Our product offering now includes everything from desktop sublimation printers through to 3.2 m wide format machines. There is a noticeable change in customers’ investments due to lower priced larger format capital equipment and ink costs.

“Soft signage and wide format sublimation as a whole provides a gateway to unlimited creativity within all aspects of decoration. The ability to print onto hard and soft substrates in various sizes enables decorators to fulfil any request on demand.”

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