Global Print Solutions

Compact four-colour press

The Nano Bag and Tee machine from GPS

Yorkshire-based Global Print Solutions (GPS) introduced its Nano Bag and Tee print machine last year. This compact machine has been designed to fit into a small footprint: it is just 271cm wide and has a maximum print area of 12” x 14” with an eight-pallet, four-colour operation.

According to GPS, the average number of colours in many print operations is three or four, adding: “The print machine enables printers to free up space on their large autos by adding additional capacity to their operation. It allows businesses to make the step up from manual printing to automatic in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

There are no pneumatics, which means that no compressor is required. It is able to operate on single phase without flash, and three phase with flash. Each machine comes with two or three flashes and laser alignment so as to meet each printer’s requirements. Its plug-and-play design allows printers to get straight down to business without the need for complex set-up procedures.

“This versatile machine gives the printer the ability to print onto many substrates including bags, garments and hosiery,” says GPS. “The benefits of time saved by the use of this efficient machine, particularly when used with the small, high-airflow, clean-burn dryer, will help to cut production costs for the hard-pressed printer. GPS is able to offer guidance on grants that are available to assist with growth within textile printing.”

Dalesway Print Technology

Trio of presses

The three screen print presses from the Vastex family

Dalesway Print Technology says it has a solution for everyone, whether they are printing for the first time or looking to upgrade their equipment. The Vastex family now includes a solid entry-level press that the company says is “the ideal starter press for the discerning buyer that wants a machine that can hold registration”. The V100 entry-level press from Vastex is an all-heads-down press and offers solid metal platens too. “Many claim to offer an entry-level press that holds registration, but Vastex delivers on that promise,” says Dalesway.

The Vastex V2000 is a premium manual screen printing press, which Dalesway says “offers the best micro-registration capabilities of any manual press on the market today”. The V2000 micros are easy to use and fast, offering quality at an affordable price, while the V2000 also comes with a long list of additional features to appeal to serious business owners.

The V1000 sits neatly between the entry level and premium grade presses from Vastex. It is a popular choice for those who have more restricted space but still need a commercial grade press with micro-registration capabilities that will hold registration, advises Dalesway.