Top-selling six-colour press

The six-colour Riley Hopkins press from Ryonet

“With over 30 years of experience in the printing press industry and a professional reputation to match, the Riley Hopkins brand holds a place at the top of the market for manual screen printing presses,” says Ryonet. Each Riley Hopkins press is hand-assembled in Vancouver, Washington US, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, backed by what Ryonet says is its world-class training and service.

Ryonet offers four manual press options to choose from. All Riley Hopkins presses feature numbered print heads, an adjustable wheel detent system, and laser cut aircraft aluminium registration systems, making them a versatile choice for screen printers at every stage.

The six-colour Riley Hopkins is a longstanding classic and Ryonet’s top seller, says the company, and offers several benefits over a standard four-colour press. In addition to being able to print six solid colours, this press can also print full four-colour process prints with the possibility of a white or discharge plate and highlight white for darker colour garments. With the addition of Riley’s own invention – a race car-inspired joystick registration system, which allows printers to easily set up multiple colour jobs without having to adjust micro-registration knobs during the printing process – lining up prints is exceptionally fast and user-friendly.


Pyramid Screen Products/ROQ

Key purchasing points

The RoqPrint You, available from Pyramid

When purchasing a new screen printing press, Liam Stubbings, sales and marketing director of Pyramid Screen Products, advises printers to consider the initial purchase price, the on-going reliability, and the cost of replacement parts should things go wrong. “The initial purchase price, as always, is designed to be priced competitively,” explains Liam. “The ongoing reliability, this is where these machines really ‘Roq’. At the time of writing, so far of all the initial installs in the UK we have not had a single call out due to a machine failure. This is down not only to the quality of parts used, but the in-house manufacturing for all the key metal work components, thus giving full quality control over the entire process.”

The final part of the jigsaw is the cost of replacement parts, says Liam. “The vast majority of the electrical components are freely available from most local electrical component stores, and for the specialist parts, the owners of Roq made a conscious business decision not to profit on these components. Part of their business philosophy is keeping the customers running and profitable – this way, they will have the money to buy more Roq machines.”

The Roq range of presses is designed to be flexible: a recent example is of a customer buying a 10-station, four-colour press complete with wiring in place to allow for the retro-fitting of the heads at a later date when both the customer’s needs and his cashflow situation evolves. It also allowed the customer to get the print quality associated with a servo print head in the price bracket of an airhead machine, notes Liam.


Sureprint Machinery

Bespoke carousels

Sureprint’s best-selling manual press

Sureprint Machinery says its manual carousels feature a sturdy steel construction with double bearings, screen counterweighting system and individual station pin locks for reliable rotation and exact registration. The company’s best-selling configuration is 6×6 with a standard platen size of 40cm x 50cm; however, a wide variety of options for number of stations and pallet types is available to suit individual needs. Each print head can be micro-adjusted with bearing registration and side clamps as standard to ensure accuracy and stability over long print runs. Adjustments to off-contact, screen pitch and quick changeovers can all be achieved tool-free using hand controls and Sureprint’s quick release pallet system.

“Our carousels can be tailored to suit general or specialised jobs with upgradable fittings and optional extras that ensure basic models have the potential for future expansion,” explains Sureprint. Such extras include side screen pneumatic clamps, jacket hold down frames and custom pallets, to name but a few. Diverse types of screens and substrates can be accommodated as the adjustable frame clamps allow use of a wide range of different sizes and varieties. “The resulting adaptability means they can be an excellent entry point for a start-up business and general printer or an economical solution for larger automated print shops looking for additional manual test and short-run machines,” says the company.