MHM Direct GB

New investment, new academy and a 20th anniversary

The MHM S-Type Xtreme

“Celebrating our 20th anniversary, MHM Direct GB is the UK’s leading supplier of automatic textile screen printing equipment and has been the market leader for two decades,” says managing director John Potter. “Our line-up of equipment features some of the most innovative and technically advanced machinery available, built to provide years of trouble-free service with high-speed performance and reliability second to none.”

The company’s latest machinery has been designed to pay attention to environmental issues, with the SA-Evo, X-Type Plus and S-Type Xtreme presses all running from just a single-phase electricity supply. “AC-driven electric print heads along with AC-Servo indexers not only improve print quality and speed, but also significantly reduce the requirement for compressed air, protecting you from the additional costs, noise and environmental issues associated with large compressors,” explains John.

MHM has invested in additional staff along with new and larger premises, where the company is aiming to base its new screen print training academy. This will house a fully operational, automated print shop where customers can receive expert training and tuition on all MHM’s products. There will also be seminars on how to improve efficiency, print techniques and so on, and preventative maintenance courses on equipment will be available.

“Reducing downtime whilst maintaining correct servicing and preventative maintenance measures in order to optimise production is a major consideration in today’s economic climate, and to this end, we are focusing our efforts and investment on providing our customers with the highest quality service standards,” says John.

Dave Renton Screen Printing Supplies (NESMS)

A different way of working

The Lawson HD-Max 6-colour manual – one of a wide variety of presses supplied by NESMS

Dave Renton Screen Printing Supplies (also known as NESMS) has been supplying the screen printing industry in one way or another for the past 25years. During that period the company has built a reputation as the printer’s ‘one-stop-shop’ supplying a wide range of consumables, labour saving devices, and printing presses.

Dave Renton applies the same criteria to presses that he applies to all his products – “the press needs to fit a remit”; it needs to be a machine that will benefit the customer and meet a specific need. The AWT Econotex single-colour machine is a good example: if you’re a big print plant then it would be easy to view this model as solely a press for a ‘start-up’ print shop, but that’s only one reason why the machine is in the NESMS catalogue. A client mentioned to Dave that a small sample machine would be ideal for their plant but they were having difficulty in sourcing one that suited their factory environment. Dave did the research and came up with the AWT Econotex single-colour – a machine that suited the customer’s needs precisely.

Contact Dave to find out more about the product range he supplies and to discuss your own specific requirements.

Dave Roper/M&R

Award-winning presses

The award-winning M&R Stryker from Dave Roper

The Stryker Oval Automatic screen printing press, 2015 recipient of the SGIA’s Product of the Year Award for Automatic Garment Press, is a versatile automatic oval screen printing press and its pricing is comparable to carousel presses of similar colour capacity, reports M&R. The machine’s 10-station base module can be expanded to create a layout tailored to almost any production requirement. It has multiple print-stroke capability, multi-print without raising the screen, and an independent print-start/ print-finish setting, as well as featuring the Maintenance Minder, Laser Locater, Squeegee Dam and Ink Dip systems.

Also from M&R is the Kruzer, a six-colour, four-station manual screen printing press that won Product of the Year Award for Manual Garment Press at SGIA 2015. It’s the brand’s most affordable entry-level manual screen printing press, and includes tapered-roller-bearing-supported upper and lower carousels, a precise micro-registration system, machined centre shaft, and three-point pallet levelling system. Kruzer’s unique lever-adjusted off-contact system operates vertically, eliminating the need for a separate angle adjustment. Side screen holders and solid aluminium, low-profile, rubber-coated pallets are standard.

The Abacus II Athletic Numbering Press combines M&R’s numbering system with the 20-print head Duo-Deck configuration, as found on M&R’s Chameleon manual press, for easy printing of two-colour numbers. The servo-driven indexing system is controlled by an advanced touchscreen user interface for “perfect positioning of virtually any digit size or type,” advises the company.