Embroideryi2 from Pulse Microsystems

AJS distributes Embroideryi2, the latest embroidery software plug-in from Pulse Microsystems. The software works inside both Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW and allows the user to sew a design with an embroidery machine simply by drawing or opening a vector file, assigning a stitch effect and adjusting the embroidery parameters.

The company says Embroideryi2, which works on both PCs and Macs, is an intuitive system, adding: “It creates amazing embroidery and the stitch quality is flawless.” It offers both automated and manual control, and there is no need for separate digitising software.

Other key features include:

The ability to merge embroidery designs with lettering

22 standard fills, 135 carved fills and more than 150 programmed fills

Never-ending fonts

Three letter monogramming

Automatic StartStop for segments

Thread charts

AutoClip Stitches

Because it is a plug-in, Embroideryi2 is easy for those who already use Adobe Illustrator or CoralDraw as it allows users to continue working in a familiar environment, with no requirement to learn a new interface.

The plug-in costs £1,850 + VAT and, because it is a subscription-based model, users always have the latest version. There is also an online forum where Embroideryi2 users can swap information and ideas with each other at:community.embroideryi2.com/cs/forums/


Amaya Sales UK

Melco DesignShop V10

The all new Melco DesignShop V10 (DSV10) digitising software offers outstanding vector compatibility and 25 premium embroidery fonts, says distributor Amaya Sales UK.

The software’s main features include:

Raster preview automatically generated when a vector graphic is loaded

25 new premium embroidery fonts that are optimised for Melco embroidery machines and include alphabet, numbers, symbols and euro characters

Compatibility with current EPS files and backwards compatibility with older EPS files

New file support, including compatibility with ART and EMB files

Updated thread charts – the latest charts from Isacord and Madeira are built in

Fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Digitising features include:

UnaFill splicer, which allows users to splice multiple directions of fill stitches for one object

Auto underlay – users now have multiple choices of underlay styles for any digitised object or font

Object colour properties – objects will maintain colour properties so that copying and pasting will
not require re-sequencing of colours

Vector graphics to embroidery assistant – this allows any vector file to be digitised in seconds

DSV10 also has new production tools, such as fabric profiles that can be used to save design information, more lettering capabilities and various view modes. Barcode technology can also be incorporated into the embroidery process.


Sierra Technology Group

Embroidery Office v15.01

Sierra Technology Group released the latest version of its Embroidery Office product earlier this year. Version 15 sees the merging of the company’s embroidery and hotfix software into a single application so that multimedia embroidery/hotfix decorators no longer have to go through different programs or interfaces for every part of the decoration process.

Features for Embroidery Office v.15.01 include:

127 pre-digitised customisable embroidery fonts, 35 pre-digitised customisable monogram templates and a full TrueType fonts module for converting Windows TrueType fonts to stitches

Global scaling of expanded files with stitch density compensation

Block editing module for merging designs and performing various block operations with designs

Automatic and manual digitising of custom designs

Art to stitch module

Hotfix add-on for decorators offering rhinestones, sequins and spangles