First Kornit Storm Hexa installed in the UK

The Kornit Storm Hexa printer from Adelco

Following the introduction of the Kornit Digital Storm Hexa at Fespa in March, Adelco has recently announced the first UK installation of this advanced direct-to-garment printer. in Milton Keynes took delivery of the machine in July with Adelco noting that it has already sold a number of other Hexas in the UK since the launch.

The Storm Hexa offers six-colour plus white printing, which was previously only available on the larger Avalanche Hexa models. Mark Smith, sales director of Adelco, comments: “The Hexa models provide a wider colour gamut and brighter colours by adding red and green print channels to the usual CMYK and white channels. In addition to this unique capability, the Storm Hexa benefits from higher print speeds with 16 print heads made up of 12 CMYKRG and four white heads.

Mark adds that the Storm Hexa is fitted with three new developments from Kornit. “A new ink recirculation system reduces waste and print costs, reduces nozzle clogging and almost eliminates ink waste on start-up and shut down procedures. In addition, the Hexa is fitted with new fast change pallets and an internal humidity control system,” he explains.

Nick Davis, co-director of, adds: “Our two Kornit Breeze printers have been ideal for our existing direct-to-customer market but, with the move to higher mixed volumes with our new trade service, we needed an industrial-strength platform for longer, versatile runs of personalised and versioned products.”

According to Mark, Adelco has seen a marked increase in sales and opportunities in other models in the Kornit range, including the entry level Kornit Breeze and the top-end, high speed Kornit Avalanche.

Adelco has enlarged its showroom in Hampshire to incorporate demonstrations on the new Kornit Storm Hexa Model, Kornit Breeze model and several of its own conveyor dryer and automatic drawer dryer models. The company welcomes all visitors to its new showroom to see just how far high speed digital garment printing has advanced in recent months.


Epson DTG printers and Schulze PreTreatmaker III

The Epson SureColor SC-F2000 from Xpres

“Direct-to-garment printing is now a well-established and recognised process amongst our customers and the Epson SureColor SC-F2000 DTG machine is going from strength to strength,” says Xpres. “The SC-F2000’s simple operating system and excellent value for money have made it a class leader. High quality and versatility are just two of the machine’s many key features and being perfect for fashion, promotionalwear and home décor items, such as cushions and tea towels, is how the machine has become commonplace in many printing facilities.”

The machine uses the Epson MicroPiezo TFP print head, which is capable of resolutions of up to 1400 x 1440 dpi, resulting in accurate shape and placement. It comes with Garment Creator software, which Xpres says is intuitive and helps streamline production. It is also both Mac and Windows compatible.

The Epson SC-F2000 can print a T-shirt in just 27 seconds, Xpres reports. The wide colour gamut and Epson’s Oeko-Tex-approved Ultra Chrome DG ink both prove appealing to users, adds the brand, noting that decorators will welcome the crisp colour reproduction and smooth gradations in particular.

Dark garments printed on the SC-F2000 machine will require pre-treat liquid to be applied to the desired area – either manually or via a machine. “The advantage of using a machine such as the Schulze PreTreatmaker III is that the liquid is applied evenly and also avoids over-application,” says Xpres. The Schulze comes equipped with four valves, all of which can be controlled independently, along with an automated cleaning process for the four spraying nozzles.