Brother GT print supplies and consumables

GS UK has a dedicated webshop for Brother GT printers

GS UK, which has been a dealer for Brother machines since 1994, says it has built a strong relationship with Brother and has a proven track record. It notes: “Since GS sold its first Brother GT-541 printer, it has seen a steady rise of Brother printer sales throughout the UK.” In response to this, the company launched, a webshop dedicated to Brother GT printers and all the accompanying platens accessories and consumables.

“The first accessory I would recommend users to look at is the Platen Gripper Kit,” says Sean Barker, national sales manager at GS UK. “This is a simple device that fits under the platen and helps prevent the garment from bunching up and causing head strikes. Another great addition to a DTG printer’s tool kit is a humidity sensor and device, as this will help with the care of the print heads and stabilise the temperature in the print room.

“A good quality infrared thermometer is another useful tool. It is used to check the heat under the press – this should be done every few weeks and in various places on the press plate as this will make sure the prints stay on and remain bright for the duration of the garment’s life.

“Finally, have an ink calculator to hand, near the machine, and a stop watch – this will give you the foundation of the costings for each print and make sure you are always in profit.”

GS UK has a team of Brother-trained service engineers throughout the country who install printers as well as providing training and servicing of GT-series direct-to-garment printers.

Resolute DTG

The R-Jet 5 printer

The R-Jet 5 from Resolute

“Resolute DTG’s R-Jet 5 is a tried-and-tested workhorse with five years in the field,” explains Resolute DTG. “With over 1000 installations in this period, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular modular DTG systems available in Europe. Coupled with its unique pre-treatment machine which is exclusive to R-Jet 5 owners, the system is not only versatile, but it is also economical. Its intelligent white ink control system (IWICS) circulates white ink through the entire system to eliminate clogging and compulsory tube flushing without wasting a drop of ink.”

Club Resolute, a European online loyalty system introduced last year, is exclusive to R-Jet equipment owners. The company reports that it is soon to be expanded to include the USA Club Resolute when the R-Jet brand becomes available globally.


The new Storm Hexa

The new 6-colour Kornit Storm Hexa with 16 print heads

The Storm Hexa is Kornit’s latest six-colour, direct-to-garment printing system for mid-size businesses. Its features include a recirculating ink system to reduce ink consumption and to further optimise reliability, as well as double the number of nozzles to increase productivity by up to 40% compared to previous Storm configurations.

The new model has 16 print heads and full CMYK, red, green and white support. “It is the system of choice for colour-conscious applications such as the production of promotional and brand-related garments,” says Kornit. It can produce up to 170 garments an hour in high productivity mode, including inline pretreatment, and covers a print area of up to 50 x 70 cm.

The system includes a number of productivity features that the manufacturer says could previously only be found in Kornit’s high-end systems, such as the Avalanche. These include a back-up battery system for a faster production start in the morning, an integrated humidifier, and a quick release system for printing pallets.

“The Storm Hexa is a powerful production system for the industrial garment decoration and provides excellent value for the money,” concludes Kornit.

Your Embroidery Services

DTG Digital direct-to-garment printers

YES offers the M-series of printers from DTG Digital

Your Embroidery Services (YES) and DTG Digital reveal that they have worked closely together over the past few years to develop direct-to-garment machines from the ground up to offer users a machine that is made for purpose.

According to YES, the latest DTG Digital printers offer advanced features that are not found on other machines: “No-one else uses iQ Interweave firmware that allows you to print at lower resolutions without the problem of banding, which results in shorter print times and increased production. No-one else uses White Ink Management Systems to make sure that the ink retains fluidity, ensuring trouble-free printing. And no-one else offers a range of machines that will operate in print shops from small print-on-demand outlets to mass production units where 100s and even 1,000s of prints are required.”

The two companies also offer a support system that uses the skills of experts around the world to ensure that wherever the customer is, they will receive the same expert back-up. YES also offers inks from DuPont, as well as consumables and production aids.