Kornit printers added to digital hardware portfolio

The Kornit Storm Hexa can be seen at Sabur’s new show suite

“Christmas is coming, the goose is getting… well we all know the old rhyme, but ask yourself, is the goose coming or will it simply fly right by?” says Dean Sanger, managing director of Sabur. “With an investment in DTG the goose can certainly call and help to ensure that your business stays at the forefront of digital print technology.”

Sabur has recently included Kornit in its brand portfolio and installed in its show suite the entry level Kornit Breeze and the high volume Kornit Storm Hexa, allowing visitors to see demonstrations of both ends of the production scale from a typical 20 shirts per hour to mass production.

“With a DTG printer, every single person – be it a business or individual – can be a potential customer. From one-off, individually designed images to large volume production, Kornit has a solution to suit your requirements. The company’s patented technology makes the process as easy as ‘1,2,3’; simply put the garment in and press the button to print: no pre-treatment and pre-dry – the Kornit’s revolutionary process simply does it all in one hit; no screen set-up and no limitations on colour; and, more importantly, with the right investment, no missed opportunities,” says Dean.

He adds, “Sabur has monitored the DTG market for a number of years and Kornit was the only brand of DTG machine that we felt would sit well in our commercial hardware portfolio. With their patented technology it was obvious to us that Kornit were the true pioneers of DTG and with this in mind we made an approach to become a partner in this ever increasing and demanding print sector.
“We saw a major shift in sublimation printing over a very short period of time, from the original screen printing to digital, and we recognised that DTG will also have a significant shift over the next five years.”

While Dean believes that screen printing will always have a significant place in the garment decoration industry, he believes that thanks to Kornit’s continued investment in research and development, DTG will continue to take a larger slice of the pie year on year. “With this in mind, in 2016 Sabur invested heavily into our digital operation, including a new, extended show suite, dedicated engineers and technical support staff to help us maintain both our customers’ and Sabur’s representation in this very exciting market,” adds Dean.


SureColor SC-F2000: minimal investment, maximum potential

Epson reports that the SureColor SC-F2000 can print a black T-shirt in 111 seconds

According to Epson, its SureColor SC-F2000 direct-to-textile desktop printer is reliable and productive, as well as being “ideal for printing directly onto a range of personalised and promotional items in large or small volume – not just T-shirts and clothing but also items such as bags, aprons, cushions and babygrows.”

The printer features Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP print head, with resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi for accurate dot shape and placement. It also has a wide colour gamut, allowing the printer to produce high quality, vibrant colours and smooth gradations. The single platen makes it easy to print and the height is adjustable for precise results on fabric up to 25 mm thick. The high-performance SC-F2000 is fast, being capable of printing a single white T-shirt in 27 seconds and dark coloured T-shirt in 111 seconds, using white and coloured ink.

“Used with Epson’s UltraChrome DG ink, it is ideal for printing onto dark fabric as its white ink is tough and crack-resistant,” says the company. The Garment Creator software includes a cost-calculation function, which allows users to estimate the printing cost and ink usage for each job.

“The SC-F2000 can be installed and run alongside existing technology easily with minimal investment, giving businesses the opportunity to start making money instantly,” concludes Epson.

MHM Direct GB

New Brother GT3 training courses

The Brother GT-381 from MHM Direct GB

“With over 25 years’ experience within the screen printing industry, MHM Direct is in a unique position to fully understand the benefits that complementing systems can create in a business and we understand that any process that is added to an existing business should help to either create savings or increase profits,” says the company.

According to MHM Direct, direct-to-garment printing has opened up a whole new avenue to traditional printers and garment decorators in general, with the ability to match screen print results in smaller numbers without the need for the costly pre-press actions of screens and set-up. The upsurge in popularity of mass customisation is the perfect environment in which to apply the simple web-to-print attributes that direct-to-garment offers, it advises.

“The Brother GT3 range has great diversity in its applications and can fit in to any existing printing environment or stand on its own as a sole printing device,” MHM Direct continues, adding that, “We believe that the DTG machine has become the modern replacement for the ‘analogue’ manual screen-printing carousel.”

MHM, which has been an award-winning dealer for Brother DTG’s machines and consumables for the past four years, offers on-site training facilities to its customers in its new, modern, Midlands-based distribution centre, as well as phone support from Brother-certified technicians. “Whether it’s with the installation of a new machine or the introduction of a new member of staff, operator training is always something to complete properly and thoroughly” says MHM.

The new centre will be host to MHM’s educational ‘Introduction to Direct-to-Garment’ courses, which will be run as open days for those interested in the DTG industry. During the sessions, visitors will learn about current and potential uses for DTG as well as the requirements for DTG production, and will also be given the opportunity to have a go at printing.

MHM will also offer ‘Advanced Maintenance and Problem Prevention’, a troubleshooting and prevention course to help broaden the knowledge of current DTG printer owners and operators. The course will provide attendees with an in-depth look at the internal workings of the machinery so as to give a better understanding of the “whats, wheres and whys,” says MHM, adding: “It’s easy to be instructed on how to maintain something, but it’s a lot better to know why you are doing it and how it can be of benefit.

“The unique position that MHM Direct has in the industry is invaluable to established customers and new start-ups, ensuring that the advice and service that customers receive is of the highest standard,” concludes the company.

Image Armor

DTG E-Series ink and pretreatments

Image Armor Light pretreatment

The E-Series inks from Image Armor have been designed for all DX5 and DX7 print heads, which are found in many of the Epson repurposed printers. Both the white and the CMYK inks cure in 35 seconds at 180°C, and offer great wash durability and stretchability as well as a screen print look, says Image Armor.

Also from Image Armor are pretreatments, including Image Armor Light Shirt Formula. “Image Armor Light is a great way to get started printing any CMYK prints on 100% polyester, light-coloured fabrics using the Epson SC-F2000, Brother GT series of printers, Ricoh-head based DTG machines or Epson repurposed printers,” says the company. “Image Armor Light will provide superior image clarity, brightness and wash-durability to DTG printed polyester fabrics: it is best for white and light colours (and you should test prior to any production run). The Light Shirt Formula also works great for any Dupont, Image Armor or similar ink sets on white and light-coloured, 100% cotton or blended shirts.”

Image Armor Ultra is a white ink pretreatment which, according to the company, has been designed to gel the white ink faster than most other pretreatments, allowing for faster printing and one-pass printing on capable DTG printers. “Image Armor Ultra increases wash durability of the white ink while allowing for a wider application range of pretreatment without affecting white ink wash durability and brightness,” the company adds.