Amaya Sales UK

Stahls’ and Schulze heat presses

The Schulze Big-O-Matic from Amaya

Amaya Sales UK offers a wide range of heat presses from Stahls’ and Schulze, with the Hotronix line from Stahls’ offering clam, swinger and draw heat presses for all budgets.

“Not all heat presses are created equally!,” says Amaya. “The Stahls’ Hotronix range of heat presses is synonymous with reliability, accuracy and ultimate ease of use.” One of its latest products is the Hotronix Fusion Press. This has a draw operation as well as swing and has touchscreen controls. It also has unlimited preset programmes which speeds up production when changing settings for different processes.

Schulze offers everything from cap presses to heavy industrial large units. It has a wide range of presses with some special adaptions, such as a breathable bottom plate, which allows steam to pass through, which is beneficial for direct-to-garment print curing. The company also produces extra large size presses suitable for all-over sublimation printing, with the sizes going up to 90 x 130 cm. The presses are very strong, says Amaya, and produced in Germany.


A choice of gas and electric dryers

The Radicure D infrared electric dryer from M&R

According to M&R, the Sprint 3000 gas dryer has the “highest production capacity and greatest energy efficiency in its class”. It has a touchscreen showing dryer temperature, temperature history and output from the included temperature probe. M&R’s AccuSet retention-time belt-speed controller offers ease-of-use, while the DynaBelt dynamic belt-speed controller shortens warm-up and cool-down times and reduces overall energy.

Sprint 3000’s powerful motor drives M&R’s Patriot Belt and SureTrak roller system – the red silicone guide along one edge of the belt rides in grooves machined into the large anodised aluminium SureTrak rollers. Other features include high-capacity circulation and exhaust blowers, easy-access cleanout panels on the sides of all the modules, Job Recall to duplicate settings, and Maintenance Minder alerts when scheduled maintenance is due. Sprints are available in liquid propane or natural gas versions and in a variety of heat chamber lengths and belt widths.

Radicure D is M&R’s premium infrared electric dryer, and it’s available in belt widths from 91 to 152 cm. It features CoolSkin technology and M&R’s suspended-fabric insulating system, which prevents heat from migrating into the workplace, and an infrared panel, which can be adjusted with single-point height adjustment. Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximise conveyor dryer capacity and minimise per-unit cost, says M&R.

There are separate dedicated blowers to power circulation and exhaust, and the Proportional Integral Differential control allows for gradual power up as well as helping to maintain even temperatures. Like the Sprint 3000, it also features the Patriot Belt and SureTrak roller system.