Sublimation solutions

The Texart CS-64 calendar

Xpres, which says it is “a market leader within the visual communications industry, specialising in sublimation, textiles, DTG, and Sign and Digital,” offers the Roland Texart series.

According to Xpres the Texart series, which has been designed specifically for dye sublimation, provides “outstanding quality, vivid colour and exceptionally stable performance, even when operating at print speeds of up to 32.6m2/hr. The company describes them as, “Unstoppable machines that deliver outstanding print quality on long runs, day after day.”

Xpres continues, “With their well-built construction and dual-print heads, the XT-640 and RT-640 dye-sublimation printers are built to meet the most demanding production and quality requirements. The machines provide a choice of ink configurations and are amongst the fastest dye-sublimation printers on the market.”

For those looking for a finishing partner, Xpres offers the new Roland CS-64 calendar press. It can transfer sublimation print produced at high speed on to a variety of polyester-based materials used for flags, banners, soft signage displays, soft furnishings, fabric for fashion and sports apparel.



The printing power of the Brother GT-3 series

A stunning print produced on the Brother GT-3 series printer

GS UK has a long history of supplying machines, software and consumables to the UK textiles industry. In 2006, it supplied its first Brother printer, a GT-541, and since then the latest Brother GT 3 Series has continued to develop and prove, says GS UK, its value in the competitive world of garment printing. “One of the major benefits of the Brother GT-3 series is that it consists of three models, allowing buyers to upgrade as their business grows,” comments GS-UK.

All of the GT-3 printers use direct-to-garment inks which are designed to bond to natural fabrics. They can be used to print on a variety of fabric types, although tbest quality results are achieved using 100% cotton and high-cotton blends. GS UK says that printing with CMYK inks on to polyester and other synthetic fabrics can be done using a special pre-treatment fluid: “Using Poly Pre-treat you may get bright colours on 50/50 blends and 100% polyester garments. In addition, colours on 100% cotton may be brighter and fade less. Open the door to creating brighter and longer-lasting prints on more types of garment by using this pre-treatment fluid with your CMYK prints.”

GS UK has a large team of qualified engineers who are able to install and service machines as well as train staff throughout all of the UK. GS UK also supplies Brother Inks, which are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1, which means GS UK can offer the complete digital printing package.