PVC-free Evolution ink from Zooprint


Going green

According to Zooprint, screen printers around the country are switching to what it calls “safer, greener products”. However, switching to a new ink can be daunting, as keeping things running smoothly is paramount in a print shop, it adds.

“The Evolution range of PVC-free screen printing ink from Lancer is the ideal solution for businesses that want to offer customers more with less accompanying headaches,” says Zooprint. “Think about combining the best of water-based inks and plastisol, then removing the drawbacks of water-based, and you have Evolution.”

Zooprint explains that Evolution won’t dry in the screen, meaning high resolution images are not a problem. It has a low cure temperature, which reduces the risk of dye migration on polycotton blends, and the addition of Defender, says the company, provides “excellent results” on 100% polyester.
No catalysts are needed so leftover ink can be reused, and the inks are 100% solids, not half water that then needs to be removed after printing. Evolution is Oeko-Tex100 compliant and Nike RSL-approved.

As well as the PVC-free range of Evolution inks, Lancer also offers the phthalate-free Excalibur range.


The JC003 Contrast Cool T


Squeegee blades

M&R features a wide variety of squeegee blades: Single-layer blades in 65, 75 and 85 durometer; sandwiched triple-layer blades in 65/90/65 and 75/90/75 durometer; and double-bevel blunt blades in 80 durometer. All blades are colour coded and labelled with part numbers, sharpen-to lines, and batch numbers. They’re sold by the inch or in full 365 cm (144”) rolls. No minimum order is required.

Sandwiched triple blades offer a stiffer 90-durometer centre section for squeegee rigidity, and softer 65- or 75-durometer printing edges on the outside. Since the more rigid centre section helps keep the squeegee from hydroplaning over the ink and bending, operators get the ink-depositing characteristics of softer blades without compromising press speed.


TheMagicTouch supplies Reflectra to embroiderers


Reflective films, transfer papers and vinyls

TheMagicTouch supplies and supports a comprehensive range of print and embroidery consumables and solutions, and prides itself on high levels of customer service and technical support thanks to more than 25 years in the industry.

For embroidery, the company has the full range of Reflectra Stitchfoil and Plotfoil. These products offer embroiderers reflective films that TheMagicTouch says are compatible with all embroidery machines and used like a regular appliqué: “The innovation with all Reflectra products assists to increase the value of embroidered items whilst reducing stitch time using a simple, outline satin stitch.”

The Reflectra Sensation is described as ‘opaque translucent’ in normal light, but when exposed to direct light sources or camera flashes it gives an illumination effect, making it a great product for many markets including fashion, promotional, sportswear and workwear.

The company also stocks and distributes over 150 different versions of flex, flock and fashion-based vinyls for garment decoration using traditional plotters and cutters. The range includes 123Flex with its unique low temperature application for garments and fabrics that are prone to scorching at higher temperature.

The company says it continues to be a “global market leader” in the supply of toner-based transfer papers for use in selected colour printers, including the new “white-toner” versions. “The transfer papers enable full-colour imaging onto almost any colour or fabric composition quickly and cost effectively,” says TheMagicTouch. The company was awarded Platinum reseller status from Sawgrass in April.


YES offers consumables as well as machinery

Your Embroidery Services

From polyester thread to spot cleaning guns

Your Embroidery Services (YES) offers a wide range of consumables for both embroidery and print alongside its machinery, such as the full range of polyester embroidery thread from Fu Fu. The company also supplies a range of underthreads on cone and pre-wound bobbins, as well as a range of non-woven backing developed specifically for embroidery.

Need felt? Not a problem, says YES, it supplies high quality material in a wide range of colours. As for the most important part of the sewing operation, the needle, YES provides needles from leading manufacturers Groz Beckert and Schmetz.

As well as mainstream products, YES also sells a range of aids that make embroidery more efficient and profitable, such as the FF1 Flexible Framer.

“Direct-to-garment printers are equally well catered for with inks that have been specially developed to ensure high quality durable prints each and every time,” says YES. The range is further complemented with items including Teflon sheeting, spot cleaning guns and fluid, cleaning kits and transfer presses.

“Where embroidery and direct-to-garment printing is concerned, YES is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for machinery, consumables and expertise,” says the company.