Madeira has been producing threads for nearly 100 years


Backings, threads and easy-tear appliqué fabrics

“For nearly 100 years, Madeira has produced top quality threads and set the world standard for embroidery threads which perform at top speeds on all embroidery machines,” says the company. “All Madeira threads combine high quality, innovation and aesthetics, and are produced within ethical and eco-friendly environments complying with stringent ISO 9001 standards, with the highest Oeko-Tex 100 in the market.”

The company’s bestselling product is the Classic viscose, a soft, flexible, strong thread that is washable up to 95°C. Frosted Matt is, says Madeira, the market’s only matt-finish embroidery thread, while the FS and Supertwist metallic threads and Burmilana ranges are ideal for creating unique looks.

Madeira also supplies backings, with a 40 g, multiway easy tear (BAK004) proving the most popular. It allows customers to increase or decrease the number of layers used to give the preferred level of support for the garment being embroidered. When cut-away backing is required for more firm support of the garment, the 80 g (051PS89W) or the new 40 g Weblon cut-away backings are the most popular. The new Weblon offers strength on a heavier backing with a light and soft finish. “It is worth noting that with backings, choice is very much down to personal preference and the large range of quality backings we have worked to develop has something for everyone,” says Madeira.

Madeira also has easy-tear appliqué fabrics, ideal for badges, patches and direct-to-garment. “These fabrics are eye-catching, add dimension to the design, reduce run time and are truly tear-away, no messing around!” says the company. “Madeira’s unsurpassed knowledge, research and development has built the comprehensive range of embroidery consumables essential to the industry.” Madeira also offers training; for dates look at Diary in the news pages.

Target Transfers distributes the ‘hot peel’ SportsFilm

Target Transfers

New and improved SportsFilm

New from Stahls’, and distributed by Target Transfers in the UK, is Cad-Cut SportsFilm Extra garment film. Target says the original film with its sticky backing, already a favourite with customers and available in 37 colours, allows the user to cut and weed fine detail with ease. The new, improved version allows it to be applied in five seconds and is now ‘hot peel’, which Target Transfers says will allow users to save time on every shirt: “Simply fuse and peel then move from one item to another quickly and efficiently.”

It is available from stock by the metre or by the roll (50 x 50 cm), applies in five seconds at 150°C and washes at 60°C.

Xpres’s ink-jet dark paper is now compatible with sublimation inks


Lasting designs with ink-jet dark paper

Xpres has revealed that its top-selling ink-jet dark paper is now compatible with sublimation inks. “It is already popular with many garment decorators and is set to be a firm favourite with sublimation users wanting to create designs on dark garments,” says the company.

The photo quality print paper has a unique top coating and PET-backing, making the film extremely durable and machine washable up to 60°C.

The transfer has a matt finish and offers decorators the ability to produce detailed, long-lasting designs. It can be used in conjunction with the Xpres Cut Plus system to produce breast pocket logos or full-colour chest artwork directly from an inkjet pigment or sublimation printer.

“With sharp print quality and high ink-absorbency, you can create eye-catching transfers with this versatile transfer paper,” concludes Xpres.

Premium Embroidery thread from ETC Supplies

ETC Supplies

New easy-tear backing and Premium Embroidery thread

ETC Supplies has developed a new embroidery backing called Super Easy Tear Backing. While easy-tear backings are traditionally made from viscose fibres and cut-away backings are usually made from polyester fibres, ETC Supplies says the Super Easy Tear Backing combines the best of both.

The polyester fibres add extra strength while the viscose fibres provide the tearability, and the backing is bonded together using a mixture of chemical binder and heat binding. “The end result is that you have an embroidery backing that is very stable during embroidery and does not perforate and fall away or move,” explains Jas Purba, managing director of ETC Supplies. “The real benefit is when you go to remove the backing. You can tear this backing away without any great force and thus avoid pulling the embroidery thread and damaging the embroidery. You achieve a perfect clean tear-away result with no backing showing on the edges of your embroidery.” It is manufactured to Oeko-Tex standards in an ISO9001-accredited, European factory.

Another recent introduction from ETC Supplies is its Premium Embroidery thread, which was launched six months ago. It is available in both rayon and polyester yarn, and in 5,000 metre and 1,000 metre cones. “This thread has been independently tested by SGS and the thread performs just like the more expensive, big brands,” says Jas. “One major schoolwear manufacturer has already moved over to our Premium embroidery thread, saving a fortune on their normal spend on embroidery thread.” The Premium Embroidery thread is now supplied with every new Ace embroidery machines.