New Polyprint Texjet Echo and Shortee printers

The recently launched Texjet Shortee from Amaya

September sees the launch of the brand new Texjet Echo from Amaya, which replaces the current Texjet Plus Advanced. “The Texjet Echo retains all of the benefits of the Texjet Plus Advanced that made it a leader in its field, but is now enhanced with a completely new design and many new features that will set it apart from its rivals,” says Amaya.

The Texjet Echo will print up to 42 x 60 cm and is available with quick-change, assorted size platens and stand. It comes with re-fillable ink cartridges, which helps save money, while a pressurised ink system, which helps prevent white ink blockages, comes as standard.

Polyprint also recently launched its compact Texjet Shortee, which is only 115 x 66 cm and fits on to a small table, yet still prints up to 32 x 45 cm. “We believe this is the lowest cost, professional DTG printer available,” reports Amaya. It comes with a 12-month warranty, including the print head, and also includes the latest Polyprint V7 RIP software.

For those looking for a larger print area for XL prints then the Texjet Long boasts a print area of 42 x 95 cm.

Peter Wright, Amaya’s managing director, believes that the new Texjet Shortee will encourage many garment decorators, both new to the business and those who have previously been screen printers only, to enter the direct-to-garment side of the business. “Its pricing will give them the opportunity to buy a professional printer at a very attractive price,” he explains. “They will be able to offer soft feel, photo-quality images and excellent washability.”

He also notes: “Its low price allows customers to purchase a package of the Shortee and an OKI A3 white toner transfer printer with Forever paper for around £11,000. This will give them the best of both worlds and the ability to print onto all types of garments and products.”

Not only that, but he points out that the size and weight of Shortee allows customers to take the printer to shows and other events, allowing for on-the-spot production of one-offs. “Imagine setting up in a shopping mall and selling T-shirts with photographs on them,” he says.


Polyprint and DuPont inks and accessories

PenCarrie supplies Polyprint DTG Power Inks

“Specially formulated to create more vibrant colour prints, the Polyprint DTG Power Inks (AM101) are ideal for printing brighter colours,” says PenCarrie. “These inks have a curing time of less than half of most DTG inks, meaning you can produce more without sacrificing the quality.”

PenCarrie also supplies a range of water-based pigment inks, DuPont DTG Inks (AM001), which are designed to produce vivid colours and soft-hand prints. According to PenCarrie, these inks are extremely resistant to washing and they’re environmentally friendly too.

In addition to the inks, PenCarrie supplies a range of DTG accessories, including DuPont Pre-coat (AM002), a pre-treatment for dark T-shirts, and Polyprint Polycoating (AM103), a pre-treat for white and light coloured fabrics, including polyester.

PenCarrie advises that readers check that their equipment is suitable for any consumables products they purchase, and the distributor suggests that if readers have any queries on its DTG digital printing range, they get in touch with John Williams at The Academy: [email protected] or 01884 211977.


M-Link and M-Link X direct-to-garment printers

The M-Link X from M&R

“M-Link and M-Link X offer exceptional value, and M-Link X’s combination of speed and quality makes it superior to direct-to-garment digital printers costing more than three times as much,” states M&R. Both machines can print T-shirts, sweatshirts, cut pieces and most flat, smooth fabric surfaces. M-Link prints white shirts in 45-60 seconds and dark shirts in two-and-a-half to three minutes, the company reports. M-Link X is even faster, printing white shirts in 30-45 seconds and dark shirts in less than a minute. “M&R’s proprietary i-Color RIP quickly converts digital art files into printed images with amazingly sharp text and line art with remarkable blending and photographic transitions,” says the company.

According to M&R, the four most popular print options are single-pass modes for printing on white, colour and black, as well as a single-pass highlight mode. White Mode prints CMYK with no underbase on white or light-colour shirts; Color One-Pass Mode prints a graduated white underbase and CMYK on colour shirts; and Black One-Pass Mode prints a graduated white underbase and CMY on black shirts, using the shirt’s colour for black areas of the image. On light-colour shirts with light pretreatment, Highlight Mode prints CMYK and a white highlight, but without a white underbase.

“The combination of ink-saving print modes and the bulk-ink supply system gives M-Link and M-Link X the lowest cost per print among direct-to-garment printers,” states M&R, adding: “Operators can use the built-in ink calculator to estimate the per-print job cost without needing to print a shirt. In fact, operators can generate total job estimates in less than a minute.”

Also from M&R is EZPrep for direct-to-garment printing. The system automatically pretreats garments and has been designed, says M&R, to maximise print consistency, minimise overspray and eliminate guesswork from the pretreatment process. “EZPrep’s consistent application of pretreatment solution can reduce overall consumption, speed up production and decrease costs,” adds the company.

EZPrep allows the coverage area and pretreatment dosage to be controlled by adjusting settings on the touchscreen interface, and Job Recall allows operators to store and retrieve saved parameter settings. The pretreatment can be applied on the inward scan of the spray carriage and again on the outward scan if desired. The four tool-free stainless steel nozzles are easy to remove and can be turned on or off in any combination to confine pretreatment application to the print area. The spray-start and spray-stop positions are also adjustable through the touchscreen interface.

EZPrep includes separate reservoirs for pretreatment solution and water, enabling the system to be cleaned by simply pressing a virtual button to flow water through the stainless steel spray nozzles. The system is also designed to keep the nozzles clear by automatically initiating the cleaning process at programmed intervals during extended pauses in production.

DTG Solutions

Specialist reseller offers Epson SC-F2000 packages

The Epson SureColor SC-F2000 is available from DTG Solutions

DTG Solutions is a direct-to-garment specialist reseller which understands that DTG lends itself as well to new businesses taking their first steps towards printing their own high quality, bespoke garment designs, as it does to established printers. Using its understanding of printers’ needs, the company has created three different packages to match different businesses’ needs.

The three packages are based around the Epson SureColor SC-F2000. “Basing the packages around this groundbreaking printer gives DTG Solutions’ customers the confidence of a trusted printer brand, exceptional customer support and quality,” explains the company.

Customers can choose the Starter, Professional and Expert packages. In addition to the Epson SureColor SC-F2000, the packages are based around Stahl heat presses, Texitunnel dryers and, for the expert package, a Schulze PreTreatmaker III. While DTG Solutions says it finds that these three packages serve most customers’ needs, the team can create bespoke packages dependent on a customer’s specific requirements, noting that the company’s more than 20 years’ experience allows it to create the right solution for any business.

All packages come with delivery, installation and training included. “This final element is vitally important as it enables users, whatever their size and whatever configuration they have chosen, to get up and running quickly and start earning money from their investment,” says DTG Solutions.