Your Style Design in Folkestone, Kent, has created T-shirts and tote bags to show support and raise funds for the NHS during the coronavirus crisis.

Danny Drinkwater, director of Your Style Design, said: “It all started when we had no choice, but to close our doors to the public due to the current situation. However, we continued to work through this providing PPE, tunics, scrubs and workwear to a handful of companies that needed it.

“It came to a point where our suppliers were low or out of stock on PPE products, due to high demand – we quickly noticed that this was going to be a problem for those that are in need of these products, like the NHS and care homes.

“So, with a mass shortage and knowing what it takes to get such products here to the UK, we thought of raising money to support the NHS to get the vital supplies needed.

“Being a print and embroidery business, it made sense to use what we have around us, so we came up with the tote bags first, as it’s a product that people will use daily, with the designs showing the consumers’ support and pride for our NHS.

“We then made a few T-shirt designs, and have been quite a hit with the public as many are using them for the Thursday clap to show their support.”

The company used a Brother GTX DTG machine to print on the Westford Mill Tote Bag (WM201) and B&C Collection’s Single Jersey Short-Sleeved T-shirt (E150).

Your Style Designs used the Single Jersey Short-Sleeved T-shirt from B&C Collection