Shirt Monkey has installed four new Melco embroidery machines to assist with the growth of its on-demand embroidery orders.

The Winsford-based company currently owns three of the Melco EMT16X embroidery machines, and so will more than double its capacity for embroidery with this latest investment.

“We’ve already seen a sharp spike in demand for our on-demand embroidery, so these new machines will help us keep on top of these orders and also give us the spare capacity to continue to scale this side of our business,” explained Nic Simons, director of Shirt Monkey.

Alongside its Melco EMT16X embroidery machines, Shirt Monkey has a mug printing sublimation set-up, as well as a large direct-to-garment (DTG) printing set-up.

“We currently have six Kornit Avalanche HD6 DTG machines with a capacity of over 1,000,000 garments per year, and whilst embroidery is still only a small portion of our volume, we’re seeing this side of business grow very quickly,” added Nic.

“The Melco’s modular system is perfect for our workflow — the majority of our embroidery volumes come from our on-demand clients, which is ideal for the modular system as we’re producing hundreds of orders with multiple different designs at any one time.”

The company’s new machinery will be installed by Amaya Sales UK in mid-April. “We’re really looking forward to the installation taking place,” said Nic.

“We’ve been working with Amaya for a number of years now, and the relationship is fantastic — the customer service that we receive from Julian and the team is second to none.”

Nic added that Shirt Monkey has been working closely with Amaya to explore the options for expanding its machinery portfolio, and that his company has ambitious growth plans for the next five years.

“In the past year we’ve nearly doubled our business, and we see no reason for this growth to slow down.

“The market is moving towards the on-demand model, and the service and quality that we’re able to offer with our machinery and highly trained staff is setting us apart from many of our competition.”