Shirt Lab has announced a new online workshop for garment decorators on how to create employee training programmes.

The session on 2 March 2022 will be hosted by Nate Leber from Ohio-based Leber Design & Print and Marshall Atkinson from Shirt Lab. It will be the first of four virtual workshops for the decorated apparel industry.

Shirt Lab was set up by Atkinson with Tom Rauen in 2018 to help educate the decorated apparel industry with sales and marketing tactics.

Both Leber and Atkinson have decades of experience building employee training programmes for
some of the industry’s largest and most successful apparel decorators.

The workshop event will be completely online and will feature expert guidance on “bench strength”, skills gap analysis, training objectives, how to build out a learning centre, training scheduling, employee performance reviews and how to actually train.

The workshop will provide checklists, spreadsheets, templates and guidance for building a “rock-solid” employee training programme for any position in a company.

The virtual workshop costs around £145 ($197) or is completely free if the participant is a member of the Shirt Lab Tribe membership community of garment decorators. Delivered via Zoom, it will be available as a video after the event.