Shirt Lab focused on the athletic apparel market at its sales and marketing event in Washington DC earlier this month.

Co-founded by Images columnist Marshall Atkinson, the latest Shirt Lab was held at the Washington Nationals MLB stadium on 18 May 2019. The event, which is aimed at the decorated apparel industry, looked at the best practices for sales and marketing when targeting customers in the athletic market.

Six industry experts led a series of workshops at the event: Ryan Withrow of Awesome Communications held an interactive discussion about how to differentiate your shop with your communication; Gary Ficken of Bimm Ridder Sportswear led a discussion on how to build a sales plan for athleticwear and building a solid presentation footing; Tom Rauen, co-founder of Shirt Lab, demonstrated how to use online webstores to capture more sales, reduce friction points and add more revenue per order; Josh Ellsworth of Stahl’s shared tips on achieving sales goals and building a defined dashboard and KPI system; Adam McCauley of Sandlot Sports showed how to capture more revenue and increase bottom-line profits by bundling other items with an apparel order; and Ryan Moor, CEO of Ryonet, demonstrated the steps necessary to build a video series that educates customers.

Two further events are scheduled in the US for 2019: Shirt Lab Portland on 3 August and Shirt Lab Atlanta on 28 September.