The first Shirt Lab sales and marketing workshop for the decorated apparel industry held at the end of October in Columbus, Ohio, has been hailed a success by Images columnist Marshall Atkinson, who founded Shirt Lab with Tom Rauen.

The seven Shirt Lab instructors, who conducted a masterclass on different sales and marketing strategies, included Ryonet CEO Ryan Moor and Chris Bernat, CRO of Vapor Apparel.

Attendee Joel Hebert of Southern Apparel said, “There were tonnes of valuable takeaways from Shirt Lab. The two biggest things we’re immediately taking from the event and putting into action are the digital content creation and building a new major revenue stream. Specifically, at Shirt Lab, we learned the principles and a realistic game plan for creating and distributing modern, compelling, relevant digital marketing content that is going to take us to the next level. The other thing we learned was a few ways of working within the framework of a digital economy to create new revenue streams beyond what we’re currently doing.”

Four events are planned for 2019; dates are yet to be decided, but the locations will be: Atlanta, Georgia; Portland, Oregon; Baltimore, Maryland; and St. Louis, Missouri.

Podcasts are available on the Shirt Lab website.